1972 Bluecoats

Season Synopsis: The inaugural season for the Bluecoats was primarily getting the corps on its feet. The first performance was in nearby Brewster, Ohio. The prize money ($15) was used towards gas to return back home. The corps borrowed uniforms from Canton Timken High School for this season.


Competitive Result: Inaugural Season, Parade Unit only

Drum Majors:


  • Art Drukenbrod, J. Babe Stearn, Ralph McCauley

Instructional Staff:

  • Brass: Jack Jakmides
  • Percussion: Art Drukenbrod
  • Color Guard: Paul Roush, Bob Robinson (rifle)

Tour Results:

  • First performance – Parade Brewster, Ohio. 1st Place. $15.00 cash prize!

Dues Structure: There were no dues charged.

Main Corps Rehearsal Facility: The Boys Club (original), Navarre Rd, Canton.

Touring Fleet:

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Updated February 5, 2018