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  • Jesus Christ Superstar (A. Webber) / Theme from Shaft (I. Hayes)
  • Hey Jude (J. Lennon, A. McCartney)
  • Patton March
  • Big Mama Cass (D. Sebesky)

Season Synopsis: The Bluecoats first steps on a competitive field took place on Sunday, June 23, 1974, at the Hoover High School football stadium in North Canton, Ohio. They did not actually compete that day, but marched in exhibition at the First Annual Innovations in Brass competition.  It was the first drum corps show to be held in Canton going back to 1938. Sporting their own uniforms for the first time, the look was patterned on the Bahama Police Department, although subsequent years say they were modeled from the Royal Danish Guard. The roots of the corps were clear with two founding fathers who were police officers with sponsorship from the Canton Police Boys Club.

Competitive Result: (two shows this season)

  • American Legion Ohio State Championship, 5th place
  • August 9, 1974, U.S. Open, Marion, OH | 34.60 | 30th Place (35 competed)

Drum Majors: Frank Metzger & Jay Davis
Color Guard Captain: Robin Roush


  • Art Drukenbrod, Director
Instructional Staff
    • Brass Staff:
    • Percussion Staff:
      • Alan Simpson, Art Drukenbrod, Ray Riggs
    • Marching & Maneuvering:
    • Color Guard: Dave Wood, Paul Roush

Dues Structure: $0 member dues; $1/meal fee for weekend tour

Corps Rehearsal Facilities: Old Boys Club, Navarre Road, Canton, Ohio; Souers Junior High School, Canton City Schools, Kent State Stark Campus, Timken Community Park.

Touring Fleet:


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