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  • Farandole (G. Bizet)
  • Medley from “Porgy & Bews” (G. Gershwin)
    • Bess, You is My Woman
    • I’ve Got Plenty of Nothin’
    • Summertime
    • It Ain’t Necessarily So
  • Oklahoma Crude, Part I (H. Mancini)
  • Root Beer Rag (B. Joel)
  • Oklahoma Crude, Part II
  • There Goes the Ball Game
  • New York, New York from On the Town (L. Bernstein)

Season Synopsis: The 1978 season was filled with high expectations. In October of 1977, Corps Director Tom Jakmides was featured in a drum corps publication discussing the 1978 corps, revealing “that the corps will compete in ‘Open’ class in 1978, and has announced an extensive recruiting program that will, he said, ‘make it harder to be a member of the Bluecoats in 1978.’ ”  Open Class today is called World Class.  The Bluecoats switched to run with the “big boys” now.  The plans were for one tour to the “Eastern states to test themselves against the top Eastern corps” and a similar Midwestern tour. The corps also planned to field a winter guard that had already begun rehearsals by the time of publication.  Jakmides admitted the corps “will probably lose a lot of competitions” since they were aiming at higher competition.  Tougher and longer rehearsals were planned, “promising the staff no rest whatsoever, and programmed an unrelenting” season where the corps would be “no place for anyone who isn’t rawhide tough, dedicated, dedicated and dedicated.”  The article concluded that over 30 applications had been received for tryouts.  Jakmides challenged the corps “to become the first Ohio corps to reach the DCI Finals.”  While the corps finished in 28th place, in DCI Prelims the percussion program scored high with an 18th place finish in the Percussion Analysis sub caption.

Competitive Result:

  • 28th place, Drum Corps International (DCI)
    • 18th in percussion analysis at DCI Prelims, ahead of Troopers (20th place overall) and Cadets (14th place).

Season Accolades:

  • Ohio VFW and American Legion State Champions
  • American International Class A Champions (first Ohio corps to win)

Drum Major: John Climer
Color Guard Captain: Toni Guedel

Corps Administration & Management:

  • President: Art Drukenbrod
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Tom Jakmides
  • Police Boys Club Advisor: Ralph McCauley
  • Executive Secretary: Lt. J. Babe Stearn, Canton Police Boys Club
  • Logistics: Jim Ruckman, Frank Liotti
  • Corps Coordinator: Tom Jakmides
  • Corps Director: Mark Creasap

Design Staff

  •  Truman Crawford (Brass arranger)

Instructional Staff

  • Staff Coordinator: Carl Gannon
  • Brass: Sparky Alspach, Bob Whetson, Bob Day
  • Percussion: Carl Gannon, Dave Kadash, Bob McCullough, Mark Welch
  • Marching & Maneuvering: Mark Creasap, Jeff Blazeff, Larry Hyme,
  • Color Guard: Becky Stinnett, Renee Wood (rifles)

Main Corps Rehearsal Facility: Old Boys Club, Navarre Road, Canton, Ohio; Souers Junior High School, Canton City Schools.

Corps Fees & Dues:

Touring Fleet: 3 buses (nicknamed the Elite, the Suburban, the Ghetto Bus), Equipment Box truck, Chuck Wagon.

Tour Schedule & Results:

Note: this 1978 Tour Schedule was created from corps archives records printed January 3, 1978 as the tentative tour schedule. It is not known how many of these shows the corps actually attended where there are no scores shown below.  Dates shown with ** were additions to this schedule at a later time.

this 1978 Tour Schedule was created from corps archives records printed January 3, 1978 as the tentative tour schedule.  It is not known how many of these shows the corps actually attended where there are no scores shown below.  Dates shown with+ were additions to this schedule at a later time.
To see the placements and scores of all corps at a show listed with (*)
click here then scroll to the date and location of the show.
Date Show Place Score
May 27 Trenton, MI (Great Lakes)
Jun 10 Appleton, WI + * 1st 52.40
Jun 11 West Allis, WI + * 1st 52.25
Jun 17 Canton, Illinois (Mid-America)
Jun 18 Geneseo, Illinois (Mid-America)
note: the tentative schedule had “or” for the weekend of June 17 and June 18.
Alumni memories have the corps traveling to Pennsylvania and not Illinois
Jun 17 Clairton, Pennsylvania (Royal Crusaders)
Jun 18 Dubois, Pennsylvania (C-Penn)
Jun 23 VFW State Championship  Columbus, Ohio
Jun 24 VFW State Championship  Columbus, Ohio – parade
Jul 1 Great Lakes Championships  Windsor, ONT
Jul 2 Croswell, MI (Great Lakes)
Jul 3 no show this date but part of tour
Jul 4 Wyandotte, MI (Great Lakes)
Jul 14 AMERICAN LEGION State Championship  Cleveland, OH
Jul 15 AMERICAN LEGION State Championship  Cleveland, OH – parade
Jul 22 DCI EAST  Allentown, Pennsylvania
Jul 23 Woodstock, IL + 3rd 61.70
Jul 29 Canton, OH (HOF Parade)
Jul 31 American International Class A  Butler, PA 1st  70.05
Aug 1 American International Open Finals  Butler, PA  1st  66.7
Aug 2 DCI NORTH  Ypsilanti, MI
Aug 3 U.S. OPEN PRELIMS  Marion, OH
Aug 4 U.S. OPEN PRELIMS  Marion, OH – Prelims
Aug 5 U.S. OPEN PRELIMS  – Finals 3rd 65.4
Aug 6 INNOVATIONS IN BRASS  Canton, OH Exhibit
Aug 16 DCI NATIONALS Denver, Colorado – Prelims
Aug 17 DCI NATIONALS Denver, CO – Prelims | RECAP 28th 68.5
Aug 18 DCI NATIONALS Denver, CO  – Semifinals
Aug 19 DCI NATIONALS Denver, CO  – Finals

At present time there is no full corps picture for 1978

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