1979 Bluecoats


Season Synopsis: After the 1978 season ended, the fall and winter proceeded as usual for the Bluecoats.  A parade was performed in the fall of 1978 in uniform and using 1978’s Oklahoma Crude as the parade tune.  Weekend rehearsals were as routine as ever throughout the winter with the excitement of learning Children of Sanchez, penned by Wayne Downey.  Some nationally accredited and new regional instructors came calling that winter. But in the Spring of 1979, director Tom Jakmides assembled the corps and announced that the season would not exist.  The financial toll of an ambitious tour schedule in 1978 proved to be hard to match for the 1979 season.  From a 1980 newspaper article, director Tom Jakmides said: “At the end of the 1978 season, we were coming home from the National Championships in Denver when our equipment truck died in Kansas City. Our uniforms were six years old and our horns were falling apart. We had until April to get everything replaced and we didn’t make it.”

79-innovations-marcia-gillThe Innovations in Brass program blurb speaks to this, reaching out to the community for help. Several members served as ushers, in uniform, and a few of the guard, also in uniform, manned a table inside the stadium.  Later that summer the guard also participated in the funeral for Thurman Munson, a major league baseball player for the New York Yankees that grew up in the area and died that August piloting a plane he was attempting to land at the Akron/Canton airport.  It was not known if this Class A sensation of the mid 1970s would vanish or if it would be back and continue on a path towards DCI Associate and Finalist standing.

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