1984 Bluecoats


  • Run Back to Mama (B. Chase)
  • Night in Rome
  • Bugle Call Rag (R. Kincaide)
  • Magnum Opus (Kansas)
  • For Your Eyes Only (S. Easton)

Season Synopsis: During the off-season leading into 1984, a Canton area businessman and parent of a Bluecoat drummer was asked to take on the directorship of the corps for just one season.  Ted Swaldo accepted that task but did not realize the financial shape the corps was in.  The equipment, from uniforms to instruments to the buses, were in dire shape.  A gracious donation from the Boys Club was able to get the corps outfitted and down the road.  The legendary tale stands that at the first 1984 rehearsal there weren’t enough kids to practice, so instead they played basketball and were told to bring their friends along to the next camp.  While Swaldo would stay on as the director well past the one-year position, he put together a staff of former Bluecoats that laid a new foundation.  With a look that was reminiscent of the original corps the corps re-entered the drum corps world as an Open Class corps (today’s World Class).  Despite a modest touring schedule of only 11 shows, the corps finished the year higher than it had ever done in the past. This was no small feat considering the corps had been inactive twice in a five year span.  The goal was re-established for the corps to crack the vaunted Top 25 in DCI and only finished four places and 3.5 points off the mark.

Competitive Result:

  • 29th place, Drum Corps International

Drum Major: Scott Swaldo, Craig Young
Color Guard Captain: Tanya Dobbelaer, Julie Scott, Jodi Lenhart

Board of Directors

  • Chairmen: Art Drukenbrod
  • Finance: Tom Jakmides
  • Members: Ralph McCauley, Ted Swaldo

Management Staff

  • Director: Ted Swaldo
  • Assistant Director: Duane Oliver
  • Booster Club: Neil Johnson
  • Treasurer: Jackie Scott
  • Secretary: Veronica Buetel
  • Equipment: Duane Fildes
  • Transportation: Roger Scott
  • Public Relations: Terry Stan
  • Food Service: Tom & Marlene Wagner
  • Souvenirs: Neil & Iva Johnson
  • Security: Jay Pillo

Instructional Staff

  • Staff Coordinator: Kevin Armbruster
  • Brass: Kevin Armbruster, Bill Hamilton, Ken Henze
  • Percussion: Mike Newsom, Mark Gray, Bill Thissen
  • Marching & Maneuvering: Dennis Hicks, Jeff McVann, Stan Ruchlewicz
  • Color Guard: Renee Wood, Michelle Reti
  • Special Advisor: Terry Frenz

Main Corps Rehearsal Facility: Boys Club, Souers Junior High School, 

Touring Fleet: 3 school buses, Equipment truck, Chuck Wagon

Tour Schedule & Results:

To see the placements and scores of all corps at shows listed below,
click here then scroll to the date and location of the show on that page.
Date Show Place Score
June 23 Berea, OH DCM 4 44.50
June 24 Marion, OH DCM  3 39.90
June 28 Canton, OH DCM 7 38.80
July 3 Wheaton, IL DCM 3 49.50
July 4 Champaign, IL DCM 1 52.40
July 28 Sheffield, PA DCE  2 69.20
Aug 7 Key to the Sea Toledo, OH DCI – PRELIMS | RECAP  14 56.80
Aug 8 American International Butler, PA DCI -Finals  12 52.40
Aug 11 Alliance, OH DCE 3 60.40
Aug 15 DCI World Championships Prelims Atlanta, GA DCI  | RECAP  5 65.90
Aug 15 DCI World Championships Quarterfinals Atlanta, GA DCI | RECAP  16 66.60

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