1985 Bluecoats


  • Run Back to Mama (B. Chase)
  • Lover Man (M. Anderson, K. Weill)
  • Walk Between the Raindrops (D. Fagan)
  • Sunrise Lady (B. Johnstone)
  • Race with the Devil on Spanish Highway (A. Di Meola)
  • One Voice (B. Manilow)

Season Synopsis: While not seemingly a big accomplishment, that the 1985 Bluecoats hit the field after a normal off season was significant.  With inactive seasons in 1979 and 1983, a regular off season was just the ticket. The corps rolled down the road with “new” commercial buses and a freshly painted equipment trailer courtesy of the local Frito Lays distribution center.  While a 1960s era charter bus was hardly new, it was the first time the Bluecoats looked like the “big boys” in the activity heading down the highway. The corps held over the opener Run Back to Mama, but at this time in the activity a repeated song from the previous year was not unusual.  An ambitious 23-contest season stay primarily in Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin, but DCI regionals took them to North Carolina, South Carolina and made Drum Corps East Finals in Lynn, Massachusetts.  The corps was only able to move up one placement at DCI Finals week, to land three spots out of top 25.  That the corps missed yet again the goal of top 25 would provide leave the organization hungry in the off-season.

Competitive Result:

  • 28th place, Drum Corps International

Drum Major: Scott Swaldo, Craig Young
Color Guard Captain: Lea Nolan

Board of Directors

  • Art Drukenbrod, Tom Jakmides, Ralph McCauley, Ted Swaldo, Duane Fildes, Terry Stan, Gerald Baker, Neil Johnson, Dennis Mertes, Duane Oliver, Dale Williams

Management Staff

  • Director: Ted Swaldo
  • Assistant Director: Neil Johnson
  • Booster Club: Neil Johnson
  • Treasurer: Jackie Scott
  • Secretary: Brenda Goss
  • Equipment: Duane Fildes
  • Transportation: Roger Scott
  • Public Relations: Terry Stan
  • Food Service: Jim & Betty Billingsley, Dan & Janine Watts, Betty McCauley & Linda Swaldo
  • Souvenirs: Neil & Iva Johnson
  • Medical: Charlotte Wilson
  • Uniforms: Candi Buckhor
  • Bus Fund Chairman: Dee Cabot
  • Flag Construction: Laverne Williams & Kay Lipscomb
  • Instrument Repair: Ross Watkins
  • Security: Jay Pillo

Instructional Staff

  • Staff Coordinator: Mike Lee
  • Brass: Kevin Armbruster  (Caption Head), Bill Hamilton
  • Percussion: Mark Gray (Caption Head), Bill Thissen, Paul Henry
  • Marching & Maneuvering: Mike Lee (Caption Head), Dennis Hicks, Stan Ruchlewicz, Jim Adkins, Doug Sotak
  • Color Guard: Larry Rebillot (Caption Head), Renee Wood, Tony Barrino, Jeff McVann
  • Choreographer: Kevin Lambes

Main Corps Rehearsal Facility: Boys Club, Souers Junior High School, 

Touring Fleet: 3 1960’s GMC commercial buses, Equipment truck/trailer, Chuck Wagon, Souvenir van

Tour Schedule & Results:

To see the placements and scores of all corps at shows listed below,
click here then scroll to the date and location of the show on that page.
Date Show Place Score
June 14 Toledo, OH DCM 2 61.30
June 21 Canton, OH DCM  1 62.50
June 22 Cleveland, OH DCM 1 63.10
June 23 Marion, OH DCM 1 62.00
June 29 DCI Southeast Durham, NC DCI – PRELIMS | RECAP  11 45.00
June 30 Columbia, SC DCI | RECAP  7 44.00
July 3 Wheaton, IL DCM 2 57.80
July 4 New Berlin, WI DCM 1 60.00
July 5 Rolling Meadows, IL DCM 2 61.00
July 13 DCI Midwest Whitewater, WI DCI – PRELIMS | RECAP  14 61.00
July 27 DCE Championships  Lynn, MA DCE – Prelims | RECAP  9 59.00
July 27 DCE Championships Lynn, MA DCE -Finals  9 62.40
Aug 8 Canton, OH DCI 6 60.80
Aug 11 Toledo, OH DCI | RECAP  10 64.80
Aug 14 DCI World Championships Prelims Madison, WI DCI  | RECAP  7 67.30
Aug 15 DCI World Championships Quarterfinals Madison, WI DCI | RECAP  15 70.20

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