1986 Bluecoats


  • Hungarian Dance #5 (Johannes Brahms)
  • Doodletown Fifers (Sauter-Finegan)
  • Salt Peanuts (Dizzy Gillespie)
  • Everything Happens to Me (Matt Dennis)
  • Puttin’ on the Ritz (Irving Berlin)
    • Puttin’ on Ritz was replaced at mid-season with a reprise ending of Hungarian Dance #5

Season Synopsis: Since the early days of the corps, the management had challenged the staff and members to reach for DCI’s top 25, or member status. Attaining top 25 was not just a status of achievement but carried with it financial benefits. During the winter leading into 1986, Ted Swaldo reached out to respected Drum Corps Associates (Senior Corps) consultant Larry Hershman to join the corps as a program coordinator. Much like the corps had done in the 1970s, nationally renowned designers were tapped to create the show. But the big difference with the 1986 corps was the relentless recruiting by Hershman of a wider range of membership. While in the late 1970s an “Akron Bus” was started to bring in members from outside Canton, Hershman started a “Pennsylvania Bus” which made stops along the Pennsylvania Turnpike and brought with it members as far east as Harrisburg. What resulted in 1986 was a jump in placement that is rare in the activity. Vaulting from outside of Top 25, the corps rose 13 places in one season and landed solidly in 15th place, raising eyebrows around the nation. All facets of the corps achieved significantly higher than ever before. Not satisfied at mid-season, the corps dumped it’s light-hearted, two minute finale of Puttin’ on the Ritz and replaced it with a reprise ending of the crowd favorite Hungarian Dance #5 that spread the corps wide across the field with a power drum corps ending. Shortly after the season ended, the 13th and 14th place corps folded, leaving the Bluecoats a clear path towards the next plateau.

Competitive Result:

  • 15th place, Drum Corps International

Season Accolades:

  • DCI Semi-finalist (first time making “Top 25”)
  • Organizational high score (to this point): 83.10

Drum Major: Scott Wintrip
Color Guard Captain: Tracy Morse

Board of Directors

  • Art Drukenbrod, Tom Jakmides, Ralph McCauley, Ted Swaldo, Neil Johnson, Chuck Stan, Terry Stan, Dee Cabot, Dennis Mertes

Management Staff

  • Director: Ted Swaldo
  • Administrative Director: Neil Johnson
  • Operations Director: Duane Fildes
  • Booster Club President: Tom Wagner
  • Treasurer: Jackie Scott
  • Secretary: Marilyn Booth
  • Transportation: Roger Scott
  • Public Relations: Terry Stan
  • Equipment: Phil Booth & Don Hines
  • Food Service: Betty McCauley & Linda Swaldo
  • Souvenirs: Iva Johnson
  • Medical: Ray Hunter
  • Uniforms: Iva Johnson & Donna Ford
  • Security: Jay Pillo

Instructional Staff

  • Staff & Show Coordinator: Larry Hershman
  • Brass: 
    • Arranger: Frank Dorritie
    • Conslutant: Dave Rohrer, John Bugosh, Gary Ulrich
    • Staff: Kevin Armbruster  (Caption Head), Bill Hamilton, Matt Englebrecht
  • Percussion:
    • Arranger/Consultant: Bob Dubinski
    • Consultant: Jim Dugan
    • Staff: Mark Gray (Caption Head), Bill Thissen, Matt Zaveson, Jim Voyles
  • Marching & Maneuvering:
    • Design/Consultant: Steve Brubaker
    • Consultant: Bret Mascaro, John Hinkle
    • Staff: Dennis Hicks Caption Head), Stan Ruchlewicz, Jim Shade, Scott Swaldo, Stan Ruchlewicz
  • Color Guard:
    • Design/Consultant: Tim Heck
    • Consultant: George Thompson
    • Staff: Renee Armbruster (Caption Head), Larry Rebillot, Tony Barrino

Main Corps Rehearsal Facility: Boys Club, Souers Junior High School

Corps Fees & Dues: $1.25 per meal for camps and summer tour

Touring Fleet: 4 commercial buses (265, 266, 267, 268), Equipment truck/trailer, Chuck Wagon trailer, Souvenir van

Tour Schedule & Results:

To see the placements and scores of all corps at shows listed below,
click here then scroll to the date and location of the show on that page.
Date Show Place Score
June 20 Toledo, OH DCM 3 58.50
June 22 Irwin, PA DCE 2 55.60
June 23 Berea, OH DCM 3 55.20
June 24 Canton, OH DCI 6 58.10
June 28 Austintown,OH DCM 1 65.10
June 29 Marion, OH DCM 1 63.60
June 30 Windsor, ONT ODCA 1 70.80
July 1 Sarnia, ONT ODCA 1 69.30
July 3 Elmwood Park, IL DCM 2 64.60
July 4 Franklin Park, IL DCM 1 64.60
July 6 Saint Louis, MO DCM 6 63.10
July 19 DCM Championships DeKalb, IL DCM – Prelims 5 74.10
July 19 DCM Championships DeKalb, IL DCM – Finals 5 71.30
July 20 Terre Haute, IN DCM 3 73.20
July 22 Columbus, OH DCI 5 63.20
July 23 Cleveland, OH DCI 5 63.60
July 26 DCI Canada Hamilton, ONT DCI – Prelims | RECAP  7 72.20
July 26 DCI Canada Hamilton, ONT DCI – Finals | RECAP  7 70.20
July 27 Ypsilanti, MI DCI 4 70.40
July 29 Parkersburg, WV DCI 4 65.10
Aug 2 Warren, PA DCE 1 79.30
Aug 9 U.S. Open Marion, OH DCI – Prelims | RECAP  5 77.40
Aug 9 U.S. Open Marion, OH DCI – Finals | RECAP  4 81.10
Aug 10 Port Huron, MI DCI 5 73.80
Aug 11 Fort Wayne, IN DCI 4 76.30
Aug 14 DCI World Championships Quarterfinals Madison, WI DCI | RECAP  3 83.10
Aug 15 DCI World Championships Semifinals Madison, WI DCI | RECAP  15 80.30
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