1989 Bluecoats


  • Johnny One Note, from Babes in Arms (Rogers, Hart, Lorenz)
  • My Funny Valentine, from Babes in Arms (Rogers, Hart, Lorenz)
  • Sing, Sing, Sing (Prima)

Season Synopsis: 1989 saw a new look all throughout the organization.  The visual and brass sections ushered in new designers, adding legendary band arranger Jay Dawson and looking internally to Bret Mascaro to write his first drill. The uniform was re-designed, moving away from the traditional blues to powder blue tops and white bottoms — a first for the corps.  Organizationally, the most significant change was purchasing new buses, moving from 1960s GMC’s to 1970s MCI’s.  Also new for 1989 was moving from the Baltiore Armory for the Easter Drill Camp to the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis. The robust, 32-show season was split between Drum Corps Midwest, Drum Corps East and DCI where 8 victories were tallied. After a frustrating 11th place finish in quarterfinals, where four corps were clustered within 1.3 points, the corps broke 90 for the first time in semifinals and held on to the 90 in Finals for an all-time high finish of 8th place.

Competitive Result: 8th Place in Drum Corps International

Season Accolades

  • First time breaking 90 (semifinals)
  • Highest placement: 8th
  • Organizational high score (to this point): 90.3 (semifinals and finals)
  • 6th place finish in brass

Drum Majors: Brian Bambauer & Chip Kolesar

Board of Directors

  • Chairman: Art Drukenbrod
  • Executive Director: Ted Swaldo
  • Secretary: Rich Lapham
  • Treasurer: Neil Johnson
  • Members: John Baum, Brad Gessner, Ralph McCauley, Rudy Poglitsh, Chuck Stan, Terry Stan, Bill Tietjen, Tom Wagner, Bob Walls, Phil Zampino

Management Staff

  • Executive Director: Ted Swaldo
  • Administrative Director: Neil Johnson
  • Booster Club Coordinator: Bill Tietjen
  • Alumni Club: Rich Lapham
  • Attendance Coordinator: Penny Pillo, Marilyn Booth, Linda Swaldo
  • Food Service: Sandy Poglitsh
  • Souvenir Coordinator: Iva Johnson
  • Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor: Phil Booth
  • Transportation Supervisor: Ray Hunter
  • Instrument Maintenance Supervisor: Bill Anderson
  • Uniform Supervisors: Linda & Millard Long
  • Newsletter/Historian: Tom Wagner
  • Innovations in Brass Chairman: Terry Stan
  • Innovations in Brass Program: Bob Walls
  • Public Relations: John Fetty, Walt Omiecinski
  • Security: Jay Pillo
  • Miller Mini-Car Grand Prix Chairman: Fred Zollinger, Jr.
Instructional Staff
  • Program Director: Larry Hershman
  • Staff Coordinator: Brett Mascaro
  • Brass
    • Arranger: Jay Dawson
    • Supervisory Consultant: Dave Rohrer
    • Chairman: Bill Hamilton
    • Instructors: Marty Hollister, Jay Wise, Gretchen Staring, Kevin Armbruster
  • Percussion
    • Arranger: Bob Dubinski
    • Supervisory Consultant: Jim Dugan
    • Chairman: Robb Muller
    • Instructors: Bruce McConnell (Front Ensemble Arranger), Rick Brown, Glen Carter, Fred Morris, Mark Teofilo, Rob Bowman, Ed Marino
  • Color Guard
    • Chairman: Robin Shaw (design)
    • Instructors: Daryl Cole, Tony Barrino, John Norris
  • Marching & Maneuvering
    • Drill Designer: Bret Mascaro
    • Instructors: Jay Wise, Walt Omiecinski, Gretchen Staring, Veronica Ferraro, Tomio Inomata, Loujaue McPherson, Dennis Hicks
  • Drivers: “Dollar Bill” Anderson, Kevin “Bugle Boy” Armbruster, Marilyn “Mare” Booth, Phil “Bubba” Booth, Vic “Fly Boy” Colaianni, Dave “Double D” Delap, John “Photo-man” Fetty, Brad “Judge” Gessner, John “Haystack” Hayes, Don “Dandy Don” Hines, “Hot Rod” Hoffman, Gary “Are we There Yet” Houck, Ray “Rattlesnake” Hunter, Mike “Tasmanian Devil” Kenepp, Rich “River-Rat” Lapham, Ralph “Whale Watcher” McCauley, LeRoy “Quick Draw” McGraw, Joe “Oscar” Meyer, Ron “Phone-Man” Phillips, Jay “Jay Jay” Pillo, Penny “Pen Pen” Pillo, Mark “Pooh Bear” Roberts, Scott “Sparky” Roberts, John “J.R.” Roberts, “Jolly Roger” Scott, Mike “Sugar Daddy” Shugar, Terry “T” Stan, Scott “Scooter” Swaldo, Ted “Silver Fox” Swaldo, Bill “Sure Shot” Tietjen, “Uncle” Tom Wagner, Bob “Hawkeye” Walls, Jay “Wiseguy” Wise, Jack “Money Man” Wymer, John “Souvie II” Yerkey
  • Uniforms: Grandma Long, Marlene Wagner, Gladys Anderson, Pat Stan
  • Souvenirs: Kay Hines, Mary Ellen Hoffman, Rod Hoffman, John & Suzanne Yerkey
  • Medical: Dr. Gary Whitacre, Bill Tietjen
  • Hair Styles: Christy Swaldo, Tony Barrino
  • Gaffers: Mike Tietjen, Leigh Manos, Darby Lash
  • Chuck Truck: Don & Lois Bigler, Barbaro Boso, Fran & Jerry Brown, Phyllis Swartzlander, Judy Collins, Jan Cook, Jan Cummings, Pat Deems, Art & Lois Drukenbrod, Carolyn & John Gibboney, Nancy & Paul Griffin, Kay Hines, Mary Ellen Hoffman, Betty McCauley, Alice Maiato, Carolyn & Joe Meyer, Jean & Wendel Miesse, Dick & Shar Miller, Jerry & Patricia Philson, Penny Pillo, Rudy & Sandy Poglitsh, Jack & Marilyn Putnam, John & Michelle Robertson, Judy Schied, Jackie & Shannon Shugar, Martha Stevens, Linda Swaldo, Diane Tietjen, Michael Tietjen, Dr. Gary & Gail Whitacre,  Ruthellen Wise


Rehearsal Facilities:

  • Off-Season: Boys Club, Souers Junior High School
  • Pre-Season: Walsh College, University of Akron “Rubber Bowl”

Corps Fees & Dues: 

Touring Fleet: 4 1970’s MCI buses: 721, 722 (staff), 723, 724, Equipment truck & trailer, Food truck & trailer, Souvenir Van and trailer.

Tour Schedule & Results

To see the placements and scores of all corps at shows listed below,
click here then scroll to the date and location of the show on that page.
Date Show Place Score
June 16 Goshen, IN DCM 3 63.70
June 17 Innovations IN BRASS Canton, OH DCM 3 63.20
June 18 Youngstown, OH DCM 3 63.50
June 19 Columbus, Ohio DCM  RAIN
June 20 Wyandotte, MI DCM 2 68.10
June 23 Whitewater, WI DCM 4 71.90
June 24 Milwaukee, WI DCM 3 69.50
June 25 Green Bay, WI DCM 1 69.20
June 27 Toledo, OH DCM 1 68.70
June 28 Saginaw, MI DCM 1 71.00
June 30 Morgantown, WV DCE 2 70.20
July 1 Hershey, PA DCE 2 72.70
July 2 Philadelphia, PA DCE 2 71.70
July 3 Bristol, RI DCE 1 69.00
July 4 Chelmsford, MA DCE 1 72.700
July 7 Millersville, PA DCE 1 67.40
July 14 DCM Championships DeKalb, IL DCM – PRELIMS 5 79.50
July 15 DCM Championships  DeKalb, IL DCM – FINALS 5 77.40
July 24 Fort Edward, NY DCI 2 76.70
July 26 Erie, PA DCI 2 81.60
July 27 Columbus, OH DCI 2 84.10
July 29 DCI Mid-America Bloomington, IL DCI | RECAP 5 82.60
August 1 Canton, OH DCM 1 85.30
August 5 Allentown DCI East Regional DCI  (judged exhibition due to bus breakdown)
August 6 East Rutherford, NJ DCI 3 86.70
August 8 Cleveland, OH DCI 3 88.20
August 9 Fort Wayne, IN DCI 3 89.00
August 11 Des Plaines, IL DCI 3 88.80
August 12 DCI Midwest  Whitewater, WI  DCI – PRELIMS 4 86.60
August 12 DCI Midwest  Whitewater, WI  DCI – FINALS 4 88.70
August 13 Sparta, IL DCM 1 88.40
August 17 DCI World Championships Quarterfinals Kansas City, MO DCI  RECAP 11 87.00
August 18 DCI World Championships Semifinals Kansas City, MO DCI  | RECAP 8 90.30
August 19 DCI World Championships Kansas City, MO  DCI  | RECAP 8 90.30

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