1992 Bluecoats: A Day in the Life

  • Nowhere Man (John Lennon & Paul McCartney)
  • Eleanor Rigby (John Lennon & Paul McCartney)
  • The Long & Winding Road (John Lennon & Paul McCartney)
  • Penny Lane (John Lennon & Paul McCartney)
  • A Day in the Life of A Fool (John Lennon & Paul McCartney)
  • The End (John Lennon & Paul McCartney)

Competitive Result: 11th Place in Drum Corps International

Season Synopsis: It was a season of change that metaphorically was a long and winding road.  The corps changed coordinators, designers, musical genres, uniforms, equipment trucks and a whole lot of drill — all in one season.  Following the 1991 season, over half of the corps would call their 1992 season their rookie one with the corps.  Seeking a fresh approach to their musical stylings, the corps programmed away from Big Band Jazz and introduced a new phrase, Jazzaphonic, to show that a new style, the Music of the Beatles, could fit inside the big jazz tradition of the Bluecoats.  A young corps coupled with a new style and design hiccups produced a rough first half of the season, one where the corps was projected by many to miss the final cut at season’s end.  But undeterred, the 1992 corps came together to produce one of the strongest finishes ever in corps history to land solidly, for the sixth straight year, in DCI’s elite Top 12.  But perhaps the two most long-reaching changes to the organization to come out of that season were the hiring of a young Doug Thrower on the brass staff (who has now eclipsed two decades with the corps) and the birth of the legendary Silver Penny, which is among the most cherished traditions of the corps.

Drum Majors: Andy Bugosh, Chris Miles

Management Staff

  • Executive Director: Ted Swaldo
Instructional Staff
  • Staff Coordinator: Bill Hamilton
  • Show Coordinator: Bret Mascaro
  • Musical Arranger: Bruce McConnell
  • Brass
    • Supervisory Consultant: Dave Rohrer
    • Chairman: Bill Hamilton
    • Instructors: Doug Thrower, Bob Graff, Marty Hollister
  • Percussion
    • Chairman: Tommy Blackerby
    • Instructors: Matt Baccoli, Tim Marshall, Matt Power, Rodney Smith
  • Color Guard
    • Chairman: Lorenzo Medrano
    • Instructors: Chris Frick, Mamie Khin, Andrea Meyer
  • Marching & Maneuvering
    • Drill Designer: Bret Mascaro
    • Instructors: Sly Sybilski, Brian Bambauer, Chris Poglitsh
Volunteer Staff
  • Administrative Director: Bill Tietjen (also corps photographer)
  • Tour Coordinator: Bill Hamilton
  • Photography: Gene LaFollette
  • Secretary: Linda Swaldo
  • Attendance Coordinators: Penny Pillo, Marilyn Booth
  • Transportation: Jay Pillo
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Phil Booth
  • Treasurer/Historian: Tom Wagner
  • Assistant Treasurer: Kathy Hollister
  • Food Service: Carolyn & Joe Meyer
    • Chuck Truck volunteers: Don & Lois Bigler, Carolyn “Grace” and John Gibboney, Almeda & Dave Whitton, Janet & Ken Stebbins, Jean & Butch Beachum, Joyce & Bill DeBoard, Kay & Roy Frick, Lana & Don Parks, Elaine Brayley, Eileen Bugosh, Janet Hamstead, Susie Woodruff, Janice Hantz, Jane Duncan, Brenda Thrower, Joann & Charlie Rigano, Bob Dittmar, Ed Dapore, Sue Putman, Bernice Gammon, Barb Knutson, Bob Neer
  • Souvenirs: John & Suzanne Yerkey,
    • Souvie volunteers: Sandy & Rudy Poglitsh, Sandy & Bob Neer, Lois & Don Bigler, Brad Gessner, Fred Morris, Gene LaFollette, Kristy Sattazahn, Ellen & Jay Wise, Marge Gessner, Chris & Ty Tuel, LaVerne Tuel
  • Uniforms: Linda & Millard Long, Matt Catanzaro, Linda Swaldo
    • Uniform volunteers: Gramma Long (Ruth Plaskett), Barb Campbell, Molly Milliron, Marlene Wagner, Carolyn Gibboney, Lois Bigler, Fran Brown, Mrs. Toth, Michelle Zaveson, Kristy Sattazahn, Julie D’Angelo, Bernice Gammon, Sandy Poglitsh
  • Drivers: Fred “Kruger” Bausher, Marilyn “Mare” Booth, Phil “Bubba” Booth, Tom “Mr. Happy” Bosse, Bill “Green Giant” Brown, Dave “Super Dave” Brown, Jerry “Lone Ranger” Brown, Jim “Jimmy Joe Bob” Bueter, John “Wilbur” Buzille, Brad “Judge” Gessner, “Dandy” Don Hines, Chuck “Chuck Chuck” Holtzworth, Dave “Iowa” Houvinen, Gene “Fuji” LaFollette, Leroy “Quick draw” McGraw, Jay Pillo, Penny “Pen Pen” Pillo, Sandy “Thelma” Poglitsh, Doug “Doogles” Proper, Mark “Pooh Bear” Roberts, “Jolly” Roger Scott, Ted “Silver Fox” Swaldo, Bill “SureShot” Tietjen, Jay “Wiseguy” Wise, John “Souvie I” Yerkey, Suzanne “Louise” Yerkey
  • Newsletter/Public Relations: Jay Wise
  • Booster Club: John Barr
  • Advisor: Joe Guardagnino

Touring Fleet: 4 1970’s MCI buses: 721, 722 (staff), 723, 724, Equipment truck & trailer, Food truck & trailer, Souvenir Van and trailer.

Tour Results:

Date Show Place Score
June 13 Normal IL DCM 3 62.10
June 14 La Porte IN DCM 2 63.40
June 15 Mansfield OH DCM 2 62.10
June 16 Spirit of Downriver Wyandotte MI DCM 5 61.80
June 19 DCM All-Star Benefit DeKalb IL DCM | RECAP 4 60.70
June 20 Charleston IL DCM 2 64.90
June 22 Canton MI DCM 2 68.20
June 25 Pittsburgh PA DCE 3 65.50
June 26 Indianapolis IN DCM 4 65.50
June 27 Massillon OH DCM 3 66.00
June 29 Hilliard OH DCM 4 65.90
July 11 Hershey Spectacular Hershey PA DCE 4 69.00
July 13 Kannapolis NC DCE 2 69.30
July 14 Richmond VA DCE 2 68.50
July 17 Toledo OH DCM 6 73.80
July 18 DCM Championships Toledo OH DCM | RECAP 6 73.50
July 19 DCI North Buffalo NY DCI | RECAP 8 72.70
July 21 Cherries Jubilee in Brass Bellevue OH DCI 5 71.20
July 22 Soaring Sounds Centerville OH DCI 5 71.50
July 24 Preview of Champions Prelims Nashville TN DCI | RECAP 11 78.00
July 24 Preview of Champions Nashville TN DCI | RECAP 12 76.00
July 26 Tri-State Music-N-Motion Alexandria KY DCI 3 77.10
July 28 Canton OH DCI 3 79.90
July 29 Sounds on the Susquehanna Endicott NY DCI 3 80.00
July 30 Jersey Showdown East Rutherford NJ DCI 5 81.00
August 1 DCI East Allentown PA DCI | RECAP 6 80.60
August 1 DCI East Prelims Allentown PA DCI | RECAP 6 79.10
August 2 Adirondack Drums Fort Edward NY DCI 3 81.90
August 4 Invitation Quebec Montreal QUE DCI 4 79.70
August 5 Drums Along the Mohawk Rome NY DCI 3 83.80
August 6 North Coast Brass Championship Cleveland OH DCI 4 83.20
August 8 DCI Mid-America Bloomington IN DCI 7 80.70
August 9 Wisconsin Spectacle of Music South Milwaukee WI DCI 3 85.70
August 13 DCI World Championships Quarter Finals Madison WI DCI | RECAP  11 85.60
August 14 DCI World Championships Semi Finals Madison WI DCI | RECAP 11 85.50
August 15 DCI World Championships Madison WI DCI | RECAP 11 84.60
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