1993 Bluecoats: Standards in Blue, A Tribute to Dizzy Gillespie

  • All the Things You Are (Jerome Kern)
  • ‘Round Midnight (Thelonius Monk)
  • A Night in Tunisia (Dizzy Gillespie)

Competitive Result: 9th Place in Drum Corps International

Season Synopsis: While the 1992 season was filled with change, there was only one significant change heading into 1993 — and it was a big one.  For the first time in a decade, Ted Swaldo would no longer be the day to day director of the Bluecoats.  Partially retiring, Ted Swaldo moved into the role of the organization’s Business Manager and elevated Bill Hamilton to that of the Corps Director.  A former Bluecoat, Ken Dahl, was asked to step into the role as Operations Director as the corps tasks were divided among the three.  On the field, the corps maintained much of the design and instructional staff, which included Bruce McConnell in the dual role of arranging the music for brass and percussion.  Similar to the 1992 season, the corps was looking up at much of the top 12 competition through midseason, including the lowest finish at DCM in corps history (7th place), and much like the 1992 season the corps finished on an upswing, this time jumping up from 10th at midseason to a solid 9th place finish backed by a strong 7th place finish in Brass.  But what will be forever ingrained in the memories of the 1993 the corps will be how hot Jackson, Mississippi was for Finals week and the substandard housing site.  Jackson for DCI Finals was “one and done.”

Drum Major: Chris Miles

Management Staff

  • Corps Director: Bill Hamilton
  • Business Manager: Ted Swaldo
  • Operations Director: Ken Dahl
Board of Directors : Bill Tietjen (President), Brad Gessner (Vice President), Tom Wagner (Treasurer), Ted Swaldo (Secretary), Linda Swaldo (Asst. Sec.), Robert  Young (Delegate at Large), Terry Stan (Delegate at Large), Jerry Brown (Member), Phil Booth (Member), Don Bigler (Member), Art Drukenbrod (Member), William Maling (Member), Millard Long (Member), Elaine McCrimmon (Member), Glenn Gullett (Member), Bill Dewald (Member)
Instructional Staff
  • Musical Arranger: Bruce McConnell
  • Brass
    • Instructors: Doug Thrower, Troy Thrower, Bob Graff, Marty Hollister, Mark Webb
  • Percussion
    • Instructors: Rodney Smith, Todd Parker, Bobby Jones, Brian Meyer, Matt Baccoli
  • Color Guard
    • Instructors: Lorenzo Medrano, Chris Frick, Andrea Meyer
  • Visual Staff
    • Drill Designer: Bret Mascaro
    • Instructors: Brian Bambauer, Chris Fisher, Steve Kulp
Management Staff
  • Administrative Assistant: Bill Tietjen
  • Tour Coordinator: Rodney Stebbins
  • Photography: Gene LaFollette, Bill Tietjen
  • Attendance Coordinators: Fran & Jerry Brown
  • Transportation: Bill Tietjen, Jerry Brown
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Phil Booth
  • Instrument Inventory: Jerry Brown
  • Food Service: Don Bigler (Chair), Lois Bigler, Charlie & Joann Rigano, Bob & Janet Hamstead
    • Volunteers: Brenda Thrower, Jane Duncan, Bob Dittmar, Judy Gardner, Peg & Chuck Weir, Sue Putnam, Kay Frick, Vicki Miller, Tiffany Duncan, Joe & Carolyn Meyer, Bernice Gammon, Morris & Mary Fisher, Ron & Rose Jones, Doug & Annette Tanner, Art & Lois Drukenbrod, Suzette Halter, Michael & Dinah Armey, Walt & Kathy Street, Dick & Shar Miller, Ted & Linda Swaldo
  • Souvenirs: Brad Gessner (Chair), Fred Morris, John & Suzanne Yerkey, Sandy Poglitsh
    • Souvie volunteers: Ellen & Jay Wise
  • Drivers: Bill Teitjen, Jerry Brown, Marilyn Bosak, John Buzille, Joann Feather, Dan Filler, Mark Galay, John Gardner, Bob Hamstead, Don Hines, Gene LaFollette, July Oddi, Jay Pillo, Penny Pillo, Mark Roberts, Scott Swaldo, Ted Swaldo, Doug Tanner, Tom Wagner, Tim Walker, Jay Wise
  • Uniforms: Mrs. Plagens and the ladies of Plymouth, MI, Marlene Wagner, Maureen Bausher, Fran Brown, Mary Fisher, Wayne Miller, Linda Swaldo
  • Newsletter/Public Relations: Jay Wise
  • Booster Club: Bob Hamstead

Touring Fleet: 4 1970’s MCI buses: 721, 722 (staff), 723, 724, Equipment truck & trailer, Food truck & trailer, Souvenir Van and trailer.

Tour Results:

to see the placements and scores of all corps at a show listed click here
Date Show Place Score
June 20 Toledo OH DCM | RECAP 4 59.80
June 21 Mansfield OH DCM | RECAP 2 61.20
June 24 Massillon OH DCM | RECAP 2 62.90
June 26 Monmouth IL DCM 2 70.60
June 27 La Porte IN DCM | RECAP 1 64.70
June 30 Bellevue NE DCM | RECAP 2 67.40
July 2 Cedar Rapids IA DCM | RECAP 2 69.20
July 3 Mount Prospect IL DCM | RECAP 3 68.80
July 9 Norristown PA DCE | RECAP 3 72.70
July 10 Hershey PA DCE | RECAP 3 70.80
July 11 Charleston WV DCE | RECAP 3 72.90
July 16 DCM Championships Prelims DeKalb IL DCM | RECAP 6 72.60
July 17 DCM Championships DeKalb IL DCM | RECAP 7 71.10
July 20 Montreal QUE DCI | RECAP 3 73.70
July 21 Precision and Pageantry Pittsfield MA DCI | RECAP 4 73.20
July 22 East Rutherford NJ DCI | RECAP 4 75.90
July 24 DCI North Buffalo NY DCI | RECAP 5 76.50
July 25 Sounds on the Susquehanna Endicott NY DCI 4 76.70
July 26 Massillon OH DCI | RECAP 3 77.10
July 28 Fort Wayne IN DCI | RECAP 3 77.60
July 30 Preview of Champions Prelims Ypsilanti MI DCI | RECAP 10 76.90
July 31 Preview of Champions Ypsilanti MI DCI | RECAP 10 77.10
August 2 Mentor OH DCI 3 79.60
August 3 Salem VA DCI 2 80.60
August 5 Bensalem PA DCI | RECAP 3 80.20
August 7 DCI East Allentown PA DCI  | RECAP 4 84.80
August 7 DCI East Prelims Allentown PA DCI | RECAP 4 83.10
August 8 Hampton VA DCI | RECAP 2 84.20
August 9 Charlotte NC DCI | RECAP 2 86.00
August 10 Winston-Salem NC DCI | RECAP 2 84.60
August 13 U.S. Open Marion OH DCI | RECAP 2 88.20
August 14 DCI Mid-America Bloomington IN DCI | RECAP 5 87.30
August 19 DCI World Championships Quarter Finals Jackson MS DCI | RECAP 9 88.30
August 20 DCI World Championships Semi Finals Jackson MS DCI | RECAP 9 88.00
August 21 DCI World Championships Jackson MS DCI | RECAP 9 87.20

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