1995 Bluecoats: Homefront: 1945

  • Come Rain or Come Shine (Johnny Mercer)
  • Shippin’ Out (Bruce McConnell)
  • I’ll Be Seeing You: A Letter from Home (Sammy Fain)
  • Newsreel (Bruce McConnell)
  • Sing, Sing, Sing (Louis Prima)

Competitive Result: 7th Place in Drum Corps International

Season Synopsis: For financial reasons, the 1995 tour would be shortened by a handful of shows and budgets reduced. Rather than host the annual drum corps show, Innovations in Brass was turned into a free community showcase event, with which the hard work of several made this a bigger fundraiser than the usual paid drum corps show.  The staff remained largely intact and the design team came up with a unique commemoration of the 50th anniversary to the ending of World War II. The corps broke tradition, for only the second time, and went away from the trademark plumed helmet and replaced it with a military service cap.  The member rules included short hair and no facial hair, to give a clean GI look of the 1940’s.  But ultimately these cosmetic and financial changes were far surpassed by the product on the field.  Original works by musical arranger Bruce McConnell called out popular and patriotic phrases of the times in both Shippin’ Out and Newsreel, the latter including backfield large mounted tenor drums that replicated bomb burst that climaxed in a soldier handing a tri-folded American flag to a sobbing widow.  It remains one of the Drum Corps International’s most chilling on-field moments, where the stadium was so silent you could hear the crying widow clearly on the audio.  The corps re-emerged as a top six contender with a new corps record finish with 7th place, but more poignantly, the corps made a connection with fans across the country unlike any other and brought an organization closer together, emerging much stronger than it had started.

Season Accolades: highest corps placement in history (7th place)

Drum Major: Charles Stewart

Management Staff

  • Corps Director: Bill Hamilton
  • Business Manager: Ted Swaldo
  • Administrative Assistant: Ken Dahl
Board of Directors : Bill Tietjen (President), Brad Gessner (Vice President), Tom Wagner (Treasurer), Ted Swaldo (Secretary), Terry Stan (Member), Jerry Brown (Member), Art Drukenbrod (Member), William Maling (Member), William Maling (Member), Larry Hershman (Member), Jay Wise (Member), Marilyn Tietjen (Recording Secretary)
Instructional Staff
  • Musical Director: Bruce McConnell
  • Program Coordinator: Michael Cesario
  • Brass
    • Instructors: Doug Thrower, Dave MacKinnon, Troy Thrower, Dave “Antman” McPhee, Donny Allen
  • Percussion 
    • Instructors: Bobby Jones, Brian Love, Tim Gipson, Matt Baccoli, Rashaan France, Kevin Luster, Rodney Smith
    • Winter Staff: Tyrus Allen, Chris Miles, Marcus Sharpe
  • Color Guard
    • Instructors: Jennifer Leseth, Tim Newburn, Jamie Oakley, Lionel Moore
  • Visual Staff
    • Drill Designer: John Sanchez
    • Instructors: Brian Bambauer, Steve Collins, Chris Fisher, Jamie Holley, Steve McCartney, Peter Jones
Management Staff
  • Member Finances & Instrument Inventory: Jerry Brown
  • Attendance & Uniforms: Fran Brown
  • Member Development & Public Relations: Jay Wise
  • Media Representative: Tom Bosse
  • Booster Club: Bob Hamstead
  • Recruiting: Bruce Shelley
  • Food Service: Sandy Poglitsh (Chair)
    • Volunteers: Linda & Vete Toliusis, Terry & Sue Stewart, Mickey & Mike Beck, Bob & Natalie Pittman, Peg & Chuck Wier, Valerie Valentine, Gaile Ramsey, Spencer Collins, Eugenia Fulkerson, Mrs. Riggins, Melvin Allen, Becky & Charlie Bell, Brenda & Carol Mayo, Ray & Maryann Evans, Kenny & Tracie Schrader, Joe Gensic, Fred Nicklas, Roberta Corcoran, Suzette Halter, Greg & Michelle Merz, Dale & Elaine Shreve, Mrs. Rogers, Louise Charbonneau, Cindy Schillaci, Ann Gipson, Norma & Neil Forbes, Cheri & Mike Laco, Peg & Bruce Barth, Sue Evans, Carol “Aunt Buff” Newton, Rodney Stebbins & Polly, Rich Lapham, Joanne Feather, Julie Cooning, Dinah Armey, Shirley Monigold & Alex Gressel, Rodney & Judy Bowling, Elaine Jamal, Ann Estes, Lou Sikora, Tracie Haskins, Sara & Doyle Gilliland, Ken Dahl, Susan Parisi, Rudy Poglitsh, Mark Galay, Jim Arnette, Bernice Gammon, Charlie & Joanne Rigano, Janet & Joe Richards, Janet Hampstead, Ellen Wise, James & Lucy Gore, Virginia Moore, Suzanne Yerkey, Lenore Madden, Carol Lawther, Jeff & Carol Jepson and Brendy Elliot.
    • Hell Week member helpers: Anthony Mallard, Gary Wood, Will Delgado 
  • Souvenirs: Brad Gessner & Fred Morris (Chairs)
    • John & Suzanne Yerkey, Sheila Cingolani, Lou Sikora, Jay & Ellen Wise
  • Drivers: Mark Roberts (Chair)
    • Mark “Pooh Bear” Roberts, Mark “Thumper” Galay, Joann “Pedal Pusher” Feather, Clan “Country Boy” Rookstol, Jackie Lignoski, Jay “Wiseguy” Wise, Scott “Scooter” Swaldo, Marilyn Teitjen, Fred Bausher, Bill “Sureshot” Tietjen, Jerry “Lone Stranger” Brown, Dan “Tookie” Filler, “Uncle Tom” Wagner, Jay & Penny Pillo, Phil & Marilyn Booth
  • Uniforms: Rudy & Sandy Poglitsh (chairs),
    • Fran Brown, Marlene Wagner, Brenda Mayo, Cheri & Mike Laco, Peg Barth, Lenore Madden, Norma & Neil Forbes, Sue & Terry Stewart, Rodney & Judy Bowling, Mrs. Estes, Elaine Jamal, Fred Nicklas, Tracie Hunt, Jackie Lignoski
  • Fundraisers
    • March-a-thon: Bob  Hamstead (Chair), Jerry Brown, Jay Wise
    • Mini-Car Grand Prix: Diane Palosi (Chair), Ted Swaldo, Gary Esber, John Buzille, Marc Cossette, Bill Lyle, Kevin Gerber, Phil Bertrand, Lin McDowell, Elaine McCrimmon, Steve Snodgradd, Emanuel Kourounis, Greg Walent, Doug Proper
      • Member Volunteers: Mark Amesbury, Kevin Barth, Chris Bennett, Kim Schillaci, Ako Toma, Gary Wood
      • Alumni Volunteers: Lea Bosse, Tom Bosse, Bill Duff, Skip Howell, Alan Marshall, Jeff Wise
      • Support Staff Volunteers: Fran & Jerry Brown, Tom & Marlene Wagner, Art & Lois Drukenbrod
    • Innovations in Brass: Tom Bosse (chair), Lea Bosse, Richard & Mary Kamerer, Lin McDowell
    • DCI North Championship: Terry Stan (chair), Ted Swaldo, Bill Maling, Art Drukenbrod,

Touring Fleet: 4 1970’s MCI buses: 721, 722 (staff), 723, 724, Equipment truck & trailer, Food truck & trailer, Souvenir Van and trailer.

Tour Results:

to see the placements and scores of all corps at a show listed click here
Date Show Place Score
July 1 Hershey, PA DCE  4 63.70
July 2 Clifton, NJ DCE | RECAP 3 67.30
July 3 Bristol, RI DCE  3 70.60
July 8 Allentown, PA DCE | RECAP 2 71.90
July 9 Medford NJ DCE  2 73.70
July 15 Chattanooga TN DCI | RECAP 3 75.30
July 16 Hopkinsville KY DCI  | RECAP 1 77.90
July 18 Sevierville TN  DCI  3 77.30
July 20 Winston-Salem NC  DCI  3 82.50
July 22 DCI NORTH Canton, OH DCI 4 80.10
July 24 Erie PA DCI  3 77.70
July 26 Hornell NY DCI  2 82.30
July 28 Preview of Champions PRELIMS Ypsilanti MI DCI 7 83.40
July 28 Preview of Champions FINALS Ypsilanti MI DCI 7 85.00
July 31 Huntington WV DCI  3 84.80
August 1 Atlanta GA  DCI  2 84.60
August 2 Jacksonville AL DCI | RECAP  2 84.70
August 5 DCI Mid-AMERICA Champaign IL DCI | RECAP 4 86.90
August 6 Ft. Wayne IN DCI  | RECAP 2 84.90
August 8 US OPEN Marion OH DCI  | RECAP 2 87.60
August 10 DCI World Championships Quarter Finals Buffalo NY DCI | RECAP 7 88.70
August 11 DCI World Championships Semi Finals Buffalo NY DCI | RECAP 7 89.40
August 12 DCI World Championships  Buffalo NY DCI | RECAP 7 89.50

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