1996 Bluecoats: American Celebrations

  • Auld Lang Syne (traditional)
  • My Funny Valentine (Richard Rogers)
  • Big Day in Bristol (Bruce McConnell)
  • Prophet’s Margin (Bruce McConnell)
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Sam Smith)
  • Reprise: Auld Lang Syne (traditional)

Competitive Result: 7th Place in Drum Corps International

Season Synopsis: On the heels of the success of the patriotic 1995 program, the design team decided to continue the motif and planned a show revolving around holidays in America, starting the show (and the calendar year) with a countdown into the new year and short strains of Auld Lang Syne that led directly to My Funny Valentine.  Two Bruce McConnell (the musical arranger) originals made up the middle section the show, one highlighting Memorial Day and the Fourth of July and the other Labor Day.  Big Day in Bristol was a helmet tip to one of the corps favorite parade locations in America, Bristol, Rhode Island, the chart also allowed a reprise from 1995 and the tri-folded flag as a symbolic Memorial Day reminder.  Labor Day, titled Prophet’s Margin, was an original exchange between horns and drums, but one that members often joked “which version are we playing tonight” as the song went through many iterations before DCI Finals.  Despite the success of the previous season, almost half of the corps were rookies (33 horns, 17 percussion and 16 guard) and in the early part of tour the corps lagged behind its placements from the previous year.  The corps gained steam as the season went on, but started Finals week with a 9th place finish in Quarterfinals and another 9th in Semifinals.  But perhaps the drum corps gods know to honor a streak, as the corps jumped two spots Finals night to land in 7th place — repeating their placement from the previous year as they had done ever since first making top 12 in 1987 (finishing 11th, 11th, 8th, 8th, 11th, 11th, 9th, 9th, 7th and now 7th again).

Season Accolades: highest corps placement in history (7th place)

Drum Major: Victor Banfield & Mark Hart

Management Staff

  • Corps Director: Bill Hamilton
  • Assistant Director: Jay Wise
  • Business Manager: Ted Swaldo
Board of Directors : Bill Tietjen (President), Brad Gessner (Vice President), Tom Wagner (Treasurer), Ted Swaldo (Secretary), Terry Stan (Member), Jerry Brown (Member), Judge Julie Edwards (Member), Dr. James Foster (Member), Art Drukenbrod (Member), William Maling (Member), William Maling (Member), Larry Hershman (Member), Fred Morris (Member), Marilyn Tietjen (Recording Secretary)
Instructional Staff
  • Musical Director: Bruce McConnell
  • Program Advisor: Michael Cesario
  • Brass
    • Instructors: Doug Thrower, Dave MacKinnon, Dave “Antman” McPhee, Donny Allen, Errick Prince, Charles Stewart
  • Percussion 
    • Instructors: Eric Hubble, Bill Bachman, Jason Williams, Todd Wright
    • Winter Staff: Rashaan France, Steve Ulicny
  • Color Guard
    • Instructors: Jennifer Leseth, Tim Newburn, Eric Sharpe
  • Visual Staff
    • Drill Designer: John Sanchez
    • Instructors: Brian Bambauer, Steve Collins, Chris Fisher, Jamie Holley, Steve McCartney, Peter Jones, Scott Rankin, Chris Dedman
Management Staff
  • Tour Manager: Evelyn Blackwell
  • Member Finances: Bob Hamstead
  • Attendance: Janet  Hamstead
  • Member Development & Public Relations: Jeff Wise
  • Booster Club: Maureen Bausher
  • Camp Security: Mark Roberts
  • Food Service: Peg Barth (Chair)
    • Volunteers: Bruce Barth, Dinah Armey, Cindy & Skeeter Ecton, Joe Sherring, Marilee Thom, Brenda Thrower, Sandy & Rudy Poglitsh, Terry & Sue Stewart, Tom Davis, Valerie Valentine, Eugenia Fulkerson, Fred Nicklas, Suzette Halter, Louise Charbonneau, Cindy Schillaci, Cheri & Mike Laco, Carol “Aunt Buff” Newton, Julie Cooning, Susie Handel, Rich Lapham, Joanne Feather, Alex Gressel, Rodney Stebbins, Rodney & Judy Bowling, Tracie Edwards, Ken Dahl, Mark Galay, Janet & Joe Richards, Ellen Wise
  • Souvenirs: Brad Gessner & Fred Morris (Chairs)
    • John & Suzanne Yerkey
  • Vehicles & Drivers: Mark Galay (Chair)
    • Mark “Thumper” Galay, Joann “Pedal Pusher” Feather, Diana Black, Neal “Jawbeaker” Forbes, Mark “Jazzman” Maxwell, John Gardner Sr., Jackie Lignoski, Roger Walker, Marilyn Booth, Vickie Fockner, Gene Livingston, Jay “Wiseguy” Wise, Scott “Scooter” Swaldo, Fred Bausher, “Uncle Tom” Wagner, Jay & Penny Pillo
  • Uniforms: 
    • Cheri & Mike Laco, Jean Freuh, Deb Sherring, Marlene Wagner, Joan Sturgill, Julia Cooning, Rosemary Minarsky, Tracie Schrader
  • Fundraisers
    • Mini-Car Grand Prix: Diane Palosi (Chair), Ted Swaldo, Gary Esber, John Buzille, Kevin Gerber, Phil Bertrand, Lin McDowell, Elaine McCrimmon, Steve Snodgrass, Greg Walent, Doug Proper, Don Wise, Eric Scheetz, Bud Day
      • Volunteers: Mark Roberts, Joanne Kinney, Bill Maling, Tom Wagner, Jeff Wise, Kim Schillaci, Anthony Mallard
    • Innovations in Brass (“Free Show”): Ted Swaldo (chair), Judge Julie Edwards (Host), Tom & Lea Bosse, Bill Maling, Tom Blackerby, Terry Stan
    • DCI North Championship: Terry Stan (chair), Ted Swaldo, Bill Maling, Art Drukenbrod,

Touring Fleet: 4 1970’s MCI buses: 721, 722 (staff), 723, 724, Equipment truck & trailer, Food truck & trailer, Souvenir Van and trailer.

Tour Results:

to see the placements and scores of all corps at a show listed click here
Date Show Place Score
June 28 Butler, PA DCE  3 66.10
June 29 Newark, DE DCE  | RECAP  3 69.20
June 30 Lynn, MA DCE  | RECAP 4 72.00
July 3 Bristol, RI DCE  | RECAP 4 69.90
July 5 Kingston, NY DCE  3 72.50
July 8 Montreal QUE DCE  2 74.80
July 10 Corning, NY DCE  | RECAP  3 75.00
July 13 DRUM CORPS EAST FINALS Allentown, PA DCE | RECAP  3 75.30
July 16 Dayton, OH DCI   2 77.80
July 21 LaCrosse, WI  DCI | RECAP 1 76.70
July 23 Sioux City, IA  DCI | RECAP 2 76.40
July 25 Stillwater, MN DCI | RECAP 3 79.10
July 27 DCI FOCUS REGIONAL Madison, WI DCI  | RECAP 5 80.80
July 28 Ypsilanti, MI DCI  | RECAP 2 80.90
July 29 Marion, OH DCI | RECAP 2 80.30
July 31 Canton, OH DCI | RECAP 3 83.00
August 2 DCI EAST Allentown, PA DCI  | RECAP 5 81.00
August 5 Ft. Edward, NY  DCI  | RECAP 2 83.70
August 6 Hornell, NY DCI | RECAP  2 85.70
August 7 Columbus, OH DCI | RECAP 2 85.50
August 8 Salem, VA DCI | RECAP 3 83.70
August 10 Atlanta, GA  DCI  | RECAP 4 84.50
August 11 Jacksonville, AL  DCI   RAIN
August 15 DCI World Championships Quarter Finals Orlando, FL DCI | RECAP 9 87.40
August 16 DCI World Championships Semi Finals Orlando, FL DCI | RECAP 9 88.10
August 17 DCI World Championships  Orlando, FL DCI | RECAP 7 86.30

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