1997 Bluecoats: Midnight Blue – Jazz After Dark

  • Harlem Nocturne (Earle Hagen, Dick Rogers)
  • Moon (Ennio Morricone)
  • You and the Night and the Music (Arthur Schwartz, Howard Dietz)

Competitive Result: 11th Place in Drum Corps International

Season Synopsis: Doug Thrower would begin his two decades of arranging brass for the corps with the 1997 season and was joined by DCI percussion veteran Matt Savage to write the show Midnight Blue.  The corps showed it was ahead of its day in using a large ramp to elevate different elements of the corps, including a tasty kick-bass drum percussion feature.  While the season marked the 25th anniversary of the corps beginnings, the 1997 season started out for the first time in almost over a decade without Bill Hamilton on staff. By season’s end Bill would return to the Director’s Chair, but in between three different management administrators left the corps before Bill was reinstated.  Such internal shuffling might normally produce a season of doom but the Bluecoats marched onward with strong senior leaders in the corps proper.  Twenty-two age-outs said goodbye after the season’s end and that leadership helped make a difficult year behind the curtain a productive one on the field.  The corps began Finals week in 9th place, nipping at the heels of 8th, but when the dust settled Saturday night the corps had slipped to a familiar 11th place finish.

Drum Major: Mark Hart & John David Mayo

Management Staff

  • Corps Director: Bill Hamilton
  • Executive Director: Bill Maling
  • Business Manager: Ted Swaldo
Board of Directors : Jerry Brown, Art Drukenbrod, Judge Julie Edwards, Dr. James Foster, Brad Gessner, Larry Hershman, Fred Morris, Christopher Smith, Terry Stan, Ted Swaldo, Bill Tietjen, Tom Wagner, Tom Bosse, Michael Connelly, Mark Roberts
Instructional Staff
  • Program Advisor: Dr. Len Kruszecki
  • Staff Coordinator: Dave MacKinnon
  • Brass
    • Arranger: Doug Thrower
    • Instructors: Dave “Antman” McPhee, Charles Stewart, Bill Thomas
  • Percussion 
    • Arranger: Matt Savage
    • Instructors: Matt Baccoli, Bill Bachman, Todd Wright, Jim Yakas, Chris Young
  • Color Guard
    • Instructors: Jennifer Leseth, Tim Newburn, Eric Sharpe
  • Visual Staff
    • Drill Designer: Peter Jones
    • Instructors: Steve McCartney, Chris Dedman, Brian Ellis, Kevin Wier
Management Staff
  • Tour Manager: Evelyn Blackwell
  • Member Finances: Bob Hamstead
  • Attendance: Janet  Hamstead
  • Member Development: Kim Schillaci, Jeff Wise
  • Booster Club: Maureen Bausher
  • Camp Security: Mark Roberts
  • Food Service: Peg Barth (Chair)
    • Volunteers: Bruce Barth, Cindy & Skeeter Ecton, Cheri & Mike Laco, Brenda & John Mayo, Sandy Poglitsh, Marlene Wagner, Gary & Paula Kestel (Carriage Hill Cleaners), Ivan Albright, Dinah Armey, Tony Bartlett, Fred & Maureen Bausher, Diane Bowers, Scott Carr, Louise Charbonneau, Barbara Clark, Julie Cooning, Mr. & Mrs. Barry Dunham, Shane Farmer, Ernie Frate, Bev Gillespie, Susie Handel, Tracie Hawley, Diana Heath, Larry Hershman, Mr. & Mrs. Jackson, Trudy Luckeydoo, Tom Nelson, “Aunt Buff” (Carol Newton), Fred Nicklas, Debbie Paynter, Judy Pietrangelo, Don & Nancy Stahl, Sue & Terry Stewart, Lenor Madden Smith, Kelly Sturgill, Debbie Siak, Roger Walker, Sandy Warner, Jaime Whitted, Debbie Whitticar
  • Souvenirs: Brad Gessner & Fred Morris (Chairs)
  • Vehicles & Drivers: Tom Wagner, Mark Galay (Chair)
    • Mark “Thumper” Galay, Dave Angel, Fred Bausher, Diana Black, Joan Boron, Lou Ann Dearth, Nancy DeOrio, Neal Forbes, Bob Hamstead, JoAnn Kinney, Howard Koontz, Mike McConnell, Michael Nice, Kim Rhodes, Scott Swaldo, Ted Swaldo, Bill Tietjen, Marilyn Tietjen, Tom Wagner
  • Uniforms: 
    • Cheri & Mike Laco, Jean Freuh, Deb Sherring, Marlene Wagner, Joan Sturgill, Julia Cooning, Rosemary Minarsky, Tracie Schrader
  • Fundraisers
    • Mini-Car Grand Prix: Diane Palosi (Chair), Ted Swaldo, Mike Connelly, Dave Irwin, Tom Blackerby, Sherri Hambach, Jeff Price, Jim Barkan, Chris Smith, Kristy Shaffer, Bob Wenzel, Greg Fritz, Steve Snodgrass, Doug Proper, Bud Day
    • Hall of Fame Show: Terry Stan (chair), Ted Swaldo, Bill Maling, Art Drukenbrod,

Touring Fleet: 4 1970’s MCI buses: 721, 722 (staff), 723, 724, Equipment truck & trailer, Food truck & trailer, Souvenir Van and trailer.

Tour Results:

to see the placements and scores of all corps at a show listed click here
Date Show Place Score
June 23 Columbus, OH DCM | RECAP  2 67.10
June 27 Durham, NC DCE  | RECAP  3 69.00
June 28 Wilmington, DE DCE  | RECAP  3 69.10
July 3 Bristol, RI DCE  | RECAP 2 75.50
July 5 Clifton, NJ DCE  3 77.20
July 6 Audobon, NJ DCE  | RECAP 1 77.10
July 7 Kingston, NY DCE  | RECAP 2 76.20
July 8 Kitchener, ONT DCE  2 76.20
July 9 Buffalo, NY DCE   2 78.00
July 10 Butler, PA  DCE  1 77.70
July 12 Hershey, PA  DCE | RECAP 2 80.00
July 13 Dayton, OH DCI  2 80.00
July 19 Seneca, IL DCI  Exhibition
July 21 Omaha, NE DCI   3 78.00
July 22 Sioux City, IA DCI  3 80.60
July 23 Stillwater, MN DCI  4 79.20
July 25 DCI MIDWEST PREVIEW Whitewater, WI DCI | RECAP 5 82.90
July 27 Ypsilanti, MI DCI | RECAP 4 82.10
July 29 Cincinnati, OH DCI | RECAP 4 83.10
July 30 Columbus, OH DCI | RECAP 3 85.40
August 1 DCI EAST PREVIEW Allentown, PA DCI  | RECAP 5 83.90
August 3 Lynn, MA  DCI   RAIN Exhibition
August 4 Fort Edwards, NY DCI 3 85.60
August 5 Endicott, NY DCI  3 86.10
August 8 Sevierville, TN DCI  Exhibition
August 9 Jacksonville, AL  DCI   | RECAP 4 86.70
August 10 Clearwater, FL  DCI    2 88.50
August 14 DCI World Championships Quarter Finals Orlando, FL DCI  | RECAP 9 88.60
August 15 DCI World Championships Semi Finals Orlando, FL DCI  | RECAP 11 87.50
August 17 DCI World Championships  Orlando, FL DCI  | RECAP 11 85.60

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