1998 Bluecoats: The Four Seasons of Jazz

  • It Might as Well be Spring (Rodgers & Hammerstein)
  • Summertime, from Porgy & Bess (Gershwin, Heyward, Gershwin)
  • Autumn Leaves (Kosma, Mercer)

Competitive Result: 10th Place in Drum Corps International

Season Synopsis: After the management turmoil in 1997, the 1998 Bluecoats were back in the groove with a steady hand at the helm.  When doing a “seasons” show, the corps of course could not overlook the fan and member favorite, Autumn Leaves, which had last been played as part of the competition show in 1988.  This year’s version was an updated version that dropped the traditional drum solo, of which the DCI landscape had evolved.  Strangely, the corps languished within a 2-point swing around 80 points for most of the second half of July then surged 7 points by season’s end to land in 10th place at Finals.  It would be the first and only 10th place finish in corps history.

Season Side-note: Soprano member Erick Nicklas was the recipient of three different drum corps scholarships throughout the season, the most prestigious being the Jim Ott Scholarship.

Drum Major: John David Mayo, Stacey Siak

Corps Director: Bill Hamilton

Instructional Staff
  • Program Advisors: Dr. Len Kruszecki, John Phillips
  • Staff Coordinator: Dave MacKinnon
  • Brass
    • Arranger: Doug Thrower
    • Instructors: Dave “Antman” McPhee, Charles Stewart, George Wozniak
  • Percussion 
    • Battery Arranger: Matt Savage
    • Pit Arranger: Neil Larrivee
    • Instructors: Bill Bachman, Jeff Melton, Jim Yakas, Chris Young
  • Color Guard
    • Instructors: Jennifer Leseth, Tim Newburn, Mel Davis
  • Visual Staff
    • Drill Designer: Peter Jones
    • Instructors: Chris Dedman, Kevin Wier, Jenny Reese, Alan Joanis, Mark Hart
Management Staff
  • Board of Directors: Jerry Brown, Art Drukenbrod, Judge Julie Edwards, Dr. James Foster, Brad Gessner, Bob Hamstead, Larry Hershman, Fred Morris, Christopher Smith, Terry Stan, Ted Swaldo, Bill Tietjen, Tom Wagner, Michael Connelly, Bill Maling
  • Business Manager: Ted Swaldo
  • Tour Manager: Evelyn Blackwell
  • Member Finances: Bob Hamstead
  • Attendance: Janet  Hamstead
  • Member Development: Kim Schillaci, Jeff Wise
  • Camp Security: Mark Roberts
  • Food Service: Peg Barth, Sandy Poglitsh (Chair)
    • Volunteers: Cindy & Skeeter Ecton, Ivan Albright, Donald & June Alford, Janie Ansley, Dave Baker, David & Sharon Bechtel, Bellbrook Band Boosters, Cindy Bernardo, Alan & Darcy Bernstein, Louis Bigler, Evelyn Blackwell, Mr. & Mrs. Carrico, Bill & Gail Carter, Barbara & Jim Clark, Kathleen Clayton, Julie Cooning, Carolyn Cooper, Floyd & Marilyn Corder, Beverly Craigen, Dave Edgar, Nancy Lignoski, Randy & Wendy Erikson, Joan Flint, Ernie Frate, Suzette Halter, Jean Hamme, Ginger Hedleston, Merry Hinton, Edna Hoover, Charlotte Hoyt, Gail Kessecker, Lee Lawton, Brenda, John & Kira Mayo, Scott & Mary Anne McLean, Paula & Dan Moore, Aunt Buff, Fred Nicklas, Debbie Pietrangelo, Steve Popernack, Vicki Rause, Ellie & Libby Richards, Janet Richards, Matt Safford, Masami Sanda, John & Amber Scampton, Judy Siak, E. B, Cynthia & Romaine Smith, Frankie Smith, Nancy & Don Stahl, Janet Stebbins, Bill, Sally & Joe Stefek, Becky & Barry Stegall, Peggy Stickney, Joan Sturgill, Joanna Van Kurin, Anne & Isaac Webb, Charles Webb, Judy Wilcox
  • Souvenirs: Brad Gessner & Fred Morris (Chairs)
  • Vehicles & Drivers: Mark Galay (Chair)
    • Mark “Thumper” Galay, Dave Angel, Dinah Armey, Howard Koontz, Mike McConnell, Kim Rhodes, Jerry Watts, John Westlund
  • Uniforms: 
    • Cheri & Mike Laco, Masami Sanda, Debbie Pietrangelo, Judy Siak, Brenda Mayo, Suzette Halter, Joan Sturgill, Sally Stefek, Linda Linaburg, Connie Newyear, Grace Recher, Julie Cooning, Becky Stegall, Peg Barth, Dinah Armey, Bill Hamilton, Larry Hershman, Joe Bauer (Clairmont Dry Cleaners), Gary & Paula Kestel (Carriage Hill Cleaners), Neal G. Broida (Mayatux-Mayapparel)
  • Fundraisers
    • Mini-Car Grand Prix: Diane Palosi (Chair), Ted Swaldo, Dave Irwin, Tom Blackerby, Roger Gines, Bob Wenzel, Rick Neal, Chris Smith, Kristy Shaffer, Mary Kamerer, Greg Fritz, Steve Snodgrass, Doug Proper, Bud Day, Debby Whaley, Duane Chovan
    • Hall of Fame Show: Terry Stan (chair), Ted Swaldo, Bill Maling, Art Drukenbrod,

Touring Fleet: 4 1970’s MCI buses: 721, 722 (staff), 723, 724, Equipment truck & trailer, Food truck & trailer, Souvenir Van and trailer.

Tour Results:

to see the placements and scores of all corps at a show listed click here
Date Show Place Score
June 23 Columbus, OH  | RECAP  2 64.90
June 25 Durham, NC  | RECAP  3 68.10
June 26 Lynchburg, VARECAP  3 70.00
June 27 Elkton, MDRECAP  4 68.60
June 30 Willoughby, OHRECAP  2 66.60
July 2 Kingston, NY RECAP  3 72.40
July 3 Bristol, RI RECAP  2 73.30
July 4 Wakefield, MA | RECAP  2 73.70
July 7 Washington, DC RECAP  3 76.40
July 8 Blountville, TN RECAP  3 78.40
July 13 Endicott, NY RECAP  2 79.30
July 14 Hornell, NY RECAP  2 80.30
July 15 Pittsburgh, PA RECAP  3 80.50
July 17 Pt. Huron, MI RECAP  3 80.80
July 19 Burlington, IA RECAP  2 80.20
July 20 Omaha, NE RECAP  2 80.10
July 21 Sioux City, IA RECAP  1 81.00
July 23 Stillwater, MN RECAP  4 81.20
July 24 Ankeny, IA RECAP  3 80.80
July 25 DCI MID-AMERICA Champaign, IL RECAP  4 81.90
July 28 Cincinnati, OH 3 81.60
July 31 DCI MIDWEST Ypsilanti, MI RECAP  5 84.70
August 2 Massillon, OH RECAP 3 85.60
August 3 Sevierville, TN   Exhibition
August 4 Winston-Salem, NC RECAP 3 86.50
August 5 Hampton, VA RECAP  4 85.70
August 8 DCI EAST Allentown, PA  | RECAP  6 87.20
August 13 DCI World Championships Quarter Finals Orlando, FLRECAP 10 88.50
August 14 DCI World Championships Semi Finals Orlando, FLRECAP 10 88.60
August 15 DCI World Championships  Orlando, FLRECAP 10 87.10

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