1999 Bluecoats: The Music of Chick Corea

  • Armando’s Rhumba (C. Corea)
  • Duende (C. Corea)
  • Leprechaun’s Dream (C. Corea)
  • Celebration Suite (C. Corea)

Competitive Result: 13th Place in Drum Corps International

Season Synopsis: For only the second time in corps history, the Bluecoats tackled the work of a solitary musician and the first time the music was of a single composer.  Playing all Chick Corea music, the 1999 corps had a different sound than previous years.  New percussion, guard and visual designers were tapped for the season with a large turnover of most of the instructional staff.  The early season was beset with bus problems and extreme heat that on one day in early July left members in three hospitals across four states.  As one member stated, “‘I’m not sure we ever recovered from that.”  It was just one of those years that things just didn’t seem to go right, even on the road one day a bus ha to dodge a runaway couch that had escaped the back of a pick up truck on the highway.  While the competitive results came up short, with the corps missing finals for the first time in over a decade, the young ensemble had laid a foundation for a very quick return to top 12 and a quicker climb up the competitive ladder.

Drum Major: Brian Ecton, Bryon McCullogh (assistant conductor)

Corps Director: Bill Hamilton

Instructional Staff
  • Program Advisors: Dr. Len Kruszecki, John Phillips
  • Brass
    • Arranger: Doug Thrower
    • Instructors: Dave MacKinnon, Dave McPhee, George Wozniak, Charles Stewart, Jeff Wolfe
  • Percussion 
    • Battery Arranger: Neil Larrivee
    • Instructors: Allan Joanis (Caption Head), Chris Young, Shane Crocker, Vince Gardner, Geoff Fry, Derrick Schletzer, Jesse Paige
  • Color Guard
    • Guard Design: Peter Gomez
    • Instructors: Andi Riggins, Sue Lebreque, Kelly Bryan
  • Visual Staff
    • Drill Designer: Jeff Wroblewski
    • Instructors: Brian Soules (Caption Head), Edward Cooning, Chris Li, Chris Considine, Mark Hart
Management Staff
  • Board of Directors: Dinah Armey, Jerry Brown, Art Drukenbrod, Elmer “Skeeter” Ecton, Judge Julie Edwards, Brad Gessner, Bob Hamstead, Larry Hershman, Bill Maling, Fred Morris, Christopher Smith, Terry Stan, Ted Swaldo, Bill Tietjen, Tom Wagner
  • Business Manager: Ted Swaldo
  • Member Finances: Bob Hamstead, Jerry Brown
  • Attendance: Fran Brown, Coordinator: Jayna Wells
  • Member Development: Kim Schillaci, Jeff Wise
  • Camp Security: Mark Roberts
  • Food Service: Peg Barth (Chair)
    • Volunteers & Donors: Ivan Albright, Evelyn Blackwell, Skeeter & Cindy Ecton, Dave & Peggy Adler, Donald & June Alford, Dinah Armey, Joyce Ball, Bob & Linda Barthen, Bobby Beltz, Cindy Bernardo, Lewis & Suzanne Brodnax, Beth Bronner, Carol “Aunt Buff” Newton, Mike & Judy Burmer, Butler Motor Transport (John, Gerry & Clyde), Carrie Cotton, Drums Along the Mohawk, John & Brenda Eppley, Randy & Wendy Erickson, Karen Foley, Jeanette Geiger, Ruby Gomez, Goshen High School Band, Melody Harnack, David “davebob” Hayes, Brett Burson, Suzette Halter, Ginger Hedleston, Rick & Diane Hemphill, Merry Hinton, Joe & Janet Holcomb, Michele Kaczmarek, Dan McCollum, Mesquite HS Color Guard, James Thomas, Gary Miles, Stanley & Chris Mullendore, Fred Nicklas, Debbie Pietrangelo, Steve Popernack, James Reid, Dave See, Judy Siak, Don & Pam Snyder, Don & Nancy Stahl, Sally Stefek, Jim & Ethelyn Taylor, Nancy Tolbert, Valley Air Drum Corps, Charles & Terri Webb, Isaac & Ann Webb, Jeanne & Orin Welsh, Larry & Michelle Wilson, Carol Zellers
  • Souvenirs: Brad Gessner & Fred Morris (Chairs)
  • Vehicles & Drivers: Mark Galay (Chair)
    • Mark “Thumper” Galay, Ron Holcomb, Joanne Kinney, Kim Rhodes, Roger Walker, Dinah Armey, Butler Motor Coach
  • Uniforms: 
    • Cheri & Mike Laco, Dinah Armey, Evelyn Blackwell, Fran Brown, Cindy Ecton, Suzette Halter, Bill Hamilton, Debbie Pietrangelo, Steve Popernack, Judy Siak, Nany Stahl, Don Stahl, Nancy Tolbert, Ann Webb, Michele Wilson, Carol Zellers, Joe Wlodarczyk, Michelle’s Cleaners, Carriage Hill Cleaners, The Bluecoats’ ’99 Drum Line
  • Fundraisers
    • Mini-Car Grand Prix: Debby Whaley (Chair), Ted Swaldo, Tom Blackerby, Roger Gines, Bob Wenzel, Rick Neal, Chris Smith, Kristy Shaffer, Mary Kamerer, Doug Proper, Duance Chovan, Christi Blackerby, Joe Day, Jay Charlton, Dan Radanovich, Jamie Magyar, Joe Boyland, Ray Varner, Duane Wilson, Tim Zahler, Sue Lark, Tamie  Seifert, Jake Reuckert
    • Hall of Fame Show: Terry Stan (chair), Ted Swaldo, Bill Maling, Art Drukenbrod,

Touring Fleet: three rented buses, one staff bus, Equipment truck & trailer, Food truck & trailer, Souvenir Van and trailer.

Tour Schedule & Results:

to see the placements and scores of all corps at a show listed click here
Date Show Place Score
June 26 Elkton, MD | RECAP  5 61.80
June 28 Kingston, NY  | RECAP  4 67.6
June 29 Endicott, NY| RECAP  3 68.6
July 2 Montreal, QUERECAP  4 68.40
July 3 Bristol, RI  | RECAP  2 72.30
July 7 Washington, DC  | RECAP  4 72.10
July 8 Buffalo, NY | RECAP  4 72.60
July 12 Marion, OH RECAP  4 72.50
July 13 Willoughby, OH RECAP  4 74.10
July 16 Cumberland, MD RECAP  5 72.70
July 17 Hampton, VA RECAP  4 74.40
July 19 Columbia, SC RECAP 4 74.60
July 20 Troy, AL | RECAP  3 73.80
July 21 Ocean Springs, MS | RECAP  3 75.30
July 23 Dallas, TX | RECAP  5 77.80
July 24 Houston, TX | RECAP  5 78.10
July 25 DCI SOUTHWESTERN San Antonio, TX | RECAP  7 78.70
July 29 Tupelo, MS RECAP  5 78.00
July 31 DCI MID-AMERICA Murfreesboro, TN RECAP  7 80.10
August 2 Huntington, WV RECAP 4 80.90
August 3 Erie, PA  | RECAP 4 82.50
August 4 Rome, NY | RECAP 4 82.50
August 5 Hampton, VA | RECAP  4 85.70
August 4 DCI EAST Allentown, PA  | RECAP  8 82.00
August 5 Massillon, OH | RECAP  5 83.80
August 12 DCI World Championships Quarter Finals Madison, WI | RECAP 13 84.50
August 13 DCI World Championships Semi Finals Madison, WI | RECAP 13 83.00

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