We work with thousands of young people and we’re determined to not only bring them a world-class performing arts experience but also ensure their safety and security. Below are several important policies and procedures we use to ensure that our students have an incredible and safe experience and that Bluecoats holds itself to the highest ethical standards.

Whistleblower Policy

The Bluecoats Whistleblower & Anti-Retaliation Policy can be found in the Bluecoats Policy Manual at bluco.at/s_policies. A standalone printable version can be downloaded here. This policy allows for a confidential and secure channel with which to report “complaints, reports, or inquiries about prohibited practice or violations of law including illegal or improper conduct by Bluecoats itself, by its leadership, or by others on its behalf.

Report a Concern - Whistleblower 

Bluecoats takes our Whistleblower & Anti-Relation Policy seriously. If you have a complaint, report, or inquiry to submit please use this form or email us at ethics@bluecoats.com. All submissions will be securely delivered only to the Bluecoats Chief Executive Officer (Executive Director) David Glasgow, and the Chief Operations Officer (Genevieve Geisler). If you would rather, you can also reach out directly to the President of the Board or any member of the Bluecoats Board of Directors (see bluco.at/s_policies for more information).

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Background Checks

All employees, staff, independent contractors, interns, volunteers, and anyone who interacts with a Bluecoats student participant is required to complete a criminal background check. The results of this inquiry are sent only to the Cheif Executive Officer. All background checks are completed at the expense of Bluecoats. The background check can be completed at bluco.at/s_background.

The entire background check can be reviewed in the Bluecoats Policy Manual.

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment

We take the comfort and safety of both our student participants and our staff seriously. Bluecoats has robust Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment, and Whistleblower & Anti-Retaliation Policies in place. These policies can be viewed in the Bluecoats Policy Manual. All student participants, staff, and volunteers are required to sign a Student Safety Agreement certifying that they have read and understood these policies and are committed to ensuring the comfort and safety of all at Bluecoats.

Incident Report

In the event of an injury, Bluecoats records all incidents on a universal incident report. This incident report is kept securely on the HelloSign platform. To submit a report or view the form please visit bluco.at/s_incident.

Concussions and Serious Injury

Many of the performing arts education activities that Bluecoats hosts naturally involve a challenging and athletic physical environment. Additionally, many of our programs involve intensive travel, commercial vehicles, commercial kitchens, and other potentially dangerous environments. With this in mind. we take preparation for serious injury, including concussions, very seriously.

In the event of serious injury, 911 will always be called immediately and parents informed. The Bluecoats administrative staff are all trained to respond swiftly and professionally in these situations. We keep diligent medial and waiver records on file for all students including health insurance information.

In the event of a potential concussion, all typical first aid and emergency response protocols will be followed including calling 911 if necessary. In addition, the Bluecoats administrative team is trained to follow standard concussion protocol, including the standard SCAT5 Concussion Test. The form used to complete this test can be downloaded at bluco.at/s_concussion.

In the event of any injury, the Incident Report detailed above will be completed, kept confidential, and securely on file.