Q:  What is Bluecoats Indoor?

A:  Bluecoats Indoor is a new performing arts program competing as a WGI Winterguard for the 2018 WGI competitive season.  Bluecoats Indoor will apply the organization’s unique and innovative design philosophy in an indoor performance setting.

Q:  Where and when will Bluecoats Indoor audition and rehearse?

Our inaugural audition, THE BLUE WAY Bluecoats Indoor Audition Experience Camp, you will not only audition for Bluecoats Indoor’s upcoming season, you will have the opportunity to experience and learn the skills necessary to perform at the highest levels of the winter guard activity in a clinic environment.  This camp is open to performers of all ages and skill levels, and will be held the weekend of September 22-24, 2017 at:

Zionsville West Middle School
5565 700 E
Whitestown, IN 46075

Additional rehearsals will be at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, IN and the Monroe County Fairgrounds in Bloomington, IN.  GO HERE for the complete (but still tentative) 2017-2018 Bluecoats Indoor schedule.  Some rehearsal sites provide overnight housing, and some do not.

Q: How much does the audition camp cost, and what expenses should I expect to cover on my own?

A:  The camp fee is $50 per person.  A light breakfast will be served at 8am on Saturday & Sunday morning.  Snacks and drinks will also be provided at all times.  Lunch & dinner are on your own and overnight housing is not available for this camp.

Q:  If overnight housing is not provided, where can I stay if I’m from out of town?

We have set up a block of 20 rooms at the following hotel:

Hampton Inn Whitestown/Zionsville
6005 S. Main St.
Whitestown, IN 46075


We have negotiated a special rate of $149 per night.  In order to make reservations, call the number above and let them know you would like to reserve a room in the “Bluecoats Indoor Room Block” for the weekend of September 22-24.  All rooms have to be booked by August 23rd, 2017 in order to take advantage of this negotiated rate.

Q.  How do I register to attend the audition camp?

A:  Complete the Eventbrite registration form below to register and pay the $50 camp fee.  All audition fees are non-refundable.

Important: Your online application will be used as your membership application. Please complete the application as accurately and as thoroughly as possible. We are serious about those people who are serious about us! Please do not register if you do not believe you will be attending.

Q.  What will the rehearsal schedule be each weekend?

A:  Friday night rehearsals will run from 7pm – 11pm, Saturday rehearsals will run from 9am – 10pm, and Sunday rehearsals will run from 9am – 2pm at the audition camp and each rehearsal camp weekend.

Q.  What should I bring with me? 

A:  While we will provide flags, and some additional equipment, you should bring a rifle and/or sabre with you if you plan to audition for a weapon spot.

Q. What should I wear?

A:  We request that you wear comfortable, form fitting dance attire that allows you to move easily while also allowing the staff to see the line of your body.  Please dress in layers so that you can remove heavier articles of clothing as your body warms.  You may wear dance shoes or dance in your bare feet, but comfortable running shoes (with good support and flexibility) are recommended to be worn throughout the weekend.

Q.  What if I can’t make it to the audition camp, but would still like to audition?

A:  If you are not able to make it to camp, you can contact us at bluecoatsindoor@bluecoats.com to inquire about submitting an audition video.  Attending the camp in person is by far the preferred audition method and is the very best way to demonstrate your skills.

Q:  What WGI Class will Bluecoats Indoor compete in?

A:  We intend to participate in WGI Independant World Class.

Q:  Who is eligible to perform in Bluecoats Indoor?

A:  Men and women of any age are eligible to perform in Bluecoats Indoor.  Previous competitive Colorguard and/or Winterguard experience is strongly encouraged.

Q:  Can I perform with Bluecoats Indoor if I am already participating in a local high school winterguard program?

A:  While high school students are welcome to attend THE BLUE WAY Bluecoats Indoor Audition Experience Camp, you are not eligible for acceptance if you already involved in a local high school program.

Q:  Who is on staff for Bluecoats Indoor?

A:  Leading this new program will be Bluecoats Artistic Director Jon Vanderkolff, Choreographer Jim Moore, Choreographer Greg Lagola, and Choreographer Carol Abohatab.  Additional staffing announcements will be made in the weeks to come.

Q:  How much will Bluecoats Indoor cost?

A:  The fee structure for Bluecoats Indoor will be announced prior to auditions.

Q:  Will the status of the Bluecoats’ Ohio-based Winterguard “Artistry IN BLUE” be affected as a result of the foundation of Bluecoats Indoor?

A:  No, “Artistry IN BLUE” will continue to operate as it has for many successful seasons.

Q:  Who can I contact with additional questions? 

A:  Contact us at bluecoatsindoor@bluecoats.com, or 330-433-9115 x2.