Camp questions:

Can I still audition for the 2018 season?

Open auditions have closed, and all future auditions for this season will be granted on a need-only basis.  For more information, go here.

I was invited to send an audition video. How do I do that?

For details on how to submit an audition video, go here

Once received, your video will be directed to the appropriate staff person, and we will do our best to get back to you within one week of receipt.   Submitting an audition video does not guarantee you a position with the Bluecoats.  If we like what we see on the video, we will most likely invite you to attend the next camp in Ohio to audition in person before we offer you a position with the corps.

Can I still audition for Drum Major or Assistant Conductor?

Drum Majors are selected from within the previous season’s corps – we do not hold open auditions for this position(s).  At this time, all conductor positions are full for 2018.

How much does membership in the Bluecoats cost?

The operation of a world-class drum corps is a very expensive project. The equipment (horns, drums and guard) and the fleet of vehicles are just a few of the most expensive items. The cost of housing, instruction, food, touring and uniforms also increase expenses. Our 2018 Membership fees will be announced at each audition camp. The amount that the Bluecoats charge our members covers a very small portion of the actual cost of running a touring drum corps.

Are there opportunities for me to earn money towards my financial obligations?

YES! The corps offers a season sponsorship program in which members can have friends, family, local businesses, etc. send money directly to the Bluecoats that is applied to the member’s account. We provide all necessary sponsorship materials for the member to do the work of finding sponsors. However, the member is the one who ultimately has to put forth the effort to raise the funds.

If you feel you may have difficulty meeting your financial obligations to the corps, please talk in confidence with a member of the administrative staff. The corps can only help you if we know about your situation. However, please keep in mind that all members will be required to meet the required financial commitment.

Time-commitment questions:

The Bluecoats are looking for a full-time commitment from mid-May to mid-August.

Can I join the Bluecoats if I’m in a Winter Guard or Indoor Percussion?

Yes. The Bluecoats support the indoor activity and after the January call-back camp most likely will not require guard and percussion members to attend another winter camp until after the WGI season is complete. More details on camp attendance requirements will be provided at your first audition camp.

Can I join the Bluecoats if I’m in my high school or college band?

Yes, but check your schedule with your band director. If your band camp is in early August, it may conflict with DCI Championship Week, and if you’re a member of the Bluecoats, you may need to arrive late at band camp. It is important that High School students know the date of graduation or your last day of school before you attend your first audition camp. If there are any conflicts with our move-in date, this information will help us assess each situation on a case-by-case basis.

Can I still do band camp? Will I be back in time for school?

Yes, but only if your band camp begins after DCI Championships. As a member of a world class drum and bugle corps, you are asked to make a financial and personal commitment to the corps. As the corps tours, so will you. High school band directors usually have a policy on this and it’s best if you check with your director before committing. Most schools do not start until after DCI World Championships and you will have time to make it back to your respective school. However, please check with your school.

Other questions:

What instruments are in the corps?


All of our brass instruments are bell-front, three-valve instruments—trumpets, mellophones, baritones, euphoniums, and tubas—keyed in B-flat (mellophones are keyed in F.)


Battery (marching percussion) consists of snares, tenors (quads), and bass drums. The Bluecoats do not field a cymbal line.

The front ensemble generally consists of, but is not limited to: wooden keyboards (xylophones, marimba), metallic keyboards (vibraphones, bells, etc), Afro-Cuban drums (congas, timbales), rack (drum set), cymbals, gongs, and various concert percussion instruments. We will also have a position available for a synthesizer player.

Color Guard

The Bluecoats color guard will audition both male and female candidates for 2015. The color guard utilizes flags, rifles, sabres, and dance in their choreography.

Can my parents get involved?

Definitely! The Bluecoats rely on parent volunteers to assist cooking, driving support vehicles, sewing, uniforms, and other needs. The Bluecoats tour with anywhere from 8-12 volunteers. Volunteers are also needed during the winter camps to assist with meal preparation, uniform alterations, and errands.

I didn’t see my question here. Who can I ask?

Please don’t hesitate to call the Bluecoats Office at (330) 433-9115 or email us at if you have any additional questions.