Bluecoats Indoor in Cincinnati for WGI Mideast

On the weekend Bluecoats Indoor performed in Cincinnati, Ohio at the WGI Mid East Power Regional! Our final score on Sunday was a 91.400. This was the last regional weekend before World Championships which takes place in Dayton, Ohio on April 4th to 6th.

Bluecoats Indoor performers and staff met in Indianapolis for a Friday night rehearsal followed by a Saturday morning rehearsal. Patti and David Sutherlin kept us fueled by sponsoring a delicious post-rehearsal lunch. If you want to help #FeedBloo during the final stretch of the season you can do so here! Thank you to everyone who’s sponsored a meal during the season so far!

After rehearsal, we drove to Cincinnati for our first performance of the weekend. HUGE thank you to the Northview High School dads who helped us unload all of our set pieces on Saturday and again on Sunday. Another thank you to Northview High School and Allegiance Color Guard members who helped us get on and off the floor for both performances. We’re grateful for all this support and help from our friends in other winter guards!

Next weekend is the last weekend of our season before World Championships! We’ll be having rehearsals throughout the weekend and you can also see “The Gravity of Reality” in Fairborn, Ohio at MEPA Championships on Saturday!

Monday Memory: Before there were Bluecoats

1969 Canton Police Boys Club Newsletter

Before they were the Bluecoats, a drum & bugle operated in the same facility that would become the first home of the corps.  In 1969, the Canton Police Boys Club put out their usual newsletter and on the front page ran a story about the third year that club had operated a drum & bugle corps.  While not a competitive unit on the field, the corps did hit the streets on the parade circuit.  The Boys Club corps would continue on for another three seasons before the move would be made to form a competitive unit that would compete on the football field.

Familiar names appear on the front page of the Police Boys Club news: Art Drukenbrod and J. Babe Stearn.  Babe was the Executive Director of the Boys Club and Art a local downtown tailor who marched drum and bugle corps with the Canton VFW post known as one of the national powerhouse groups in the ’50s and ’60s.  It was the Canton Police Boys Club Drum & Bugle Corps that marched past Drukenbrod’s shop on Cleveland Avenue during the Hall of Fame parade, that fired Art’s engine and brought him to the group.  Art lobbied Ralph McCauley and J. Babe Stearn to take the next competitive step with their club musical group and on December 1st, 1972, the Bluecoats were born.

Monday Memory is an on-going series that starts off the week with a little history behind the Bluecoats on our website and social media outlets

Monday Memory: How about a trip to Disney?

The cost of drum corps has always been challenging to the members, regardless of the year.  The Bluecoats have offered the members different fundraisers over time to whittle down the cost of dues (the old fashioned way of saying “tuition”).  One of the more unique ways a member could lower their out of pocket cost was a raffle to win a trip to Disney.  In 1997 Drum Corps International was in the middle of a multi-year agreement to have DCI Finals in Orlando, Florida.  Part of the arrangement was Disney hosting Individual & Ensemble contest as well as the (now defunct) parade the day before Prelims.

The Bluecoats raffled off a grand drum corps experience to a lucky winner, offering tickets to DCI Finals, Disney park tickets, lodging in a Disney property and six tickets to the Bluecoats Hall of Fame show.  Should the winning ticket be sold by a marching member, that member got an extra $100 deducted from their dues.  It was a lot of opportunity that netted about $1,000 for the corps.  While not the biggest of fundraisers for the corps (the revenue generated from this raffle was less than half of a performance check at a DCI show), it certainly gave one lucky winner a heck of an experience for a fraction of the price.

Monday Memory is an on-going series that starts off the week with a little history behind the Bluecoats on our website and social media outlets

Bluecoats Indoor at WGI Atlanta Regional

Photo Courtesy of Sydney Williams.

Bluecoats Indoor traveled all the way to Atlanta to perform at the WGI Atlanta Regional this Saturday and Sunday. Our final score on Sunday was an 86.300.

Performers met on Friday evening in Indianapolis to board Bluecoats busses driving down to Atlanta. Saturday morning we gathered for breakfast at Carlton J. Kell High School before beginning our rehearsal. After rehearsal, the performers ate a Bluecoats provided lunch while they got ready for prelims. We then headed to McEachern High School for our first performance of the weekend where we were greeted by stands full of cheering audiences and even some “blooing” – a welcome the Bluecoats Drum Corps often receives.

Sunday we had a quick, but productive rehearsal at Campbell High School followed by a delicious meal sponsored by Cynthia Shega! Our speakers and set pieces were then covered with tarps to prepare for the rain that would come as we got into the performance gym for finals. Special thank you to Kennesaw Mountain HS, East Lincoln HS, and Georgia State for helping us get on and off the floor throughout the weekend and especially during the rainstorm on Sunday.

Before we began our bus ride back home we gathered for our fried chicken dinner sponsored by Charlie Cullen! If you’d like to help #FeedBloo you can sponsor a meal here to provide the cast with show days meals!

Next weekend will be a regular rehearsal weekend for Bluecoats Indoor as we continue to work on our 2019 program, but you can catch “The Gravity of Reality” next at the Brownsburg Community State Preview on March 15.

Monday Memory: A Season That You Won’t Want to Miss

The 1989 Dues Structure for the Bluecoats. Click on the image for greater resolution.

After stabilizing as a Top 12 Finalist in 1988, the Bluecoats took a new competitive step in 1989 with a different design staff.  Entering the winter season, business appeared as usual as members reported for their first camp after Thanksgiving and picked up the “blue pages” of rules, regulations and the cost of being a Bluecoat.  Touted as one of the least expensive Top 12 corps, the dues structure for 1989 was a paltry, by today’s standards,  $125 for rookie “member” dues.  But the Bluecoats of that era put together an ala carte cost structure.  Winter Camps ranged from $6 to $10 per camp. Tack on about another $100 for 11 off-season camps (compare that to four camps for the brass section of the corps, two for guard and percussion today) and the cost rises to $250.  An approximate $200 summer meal fee was payable on the first day of tour, and of course the incidentals of gloves, shoes (in 1989 that would be all members, switching from black to white) and so that topped the total dollar amount to right around $500. Adjusted for inflation, that comes to about $1750 in 2018 dollars and about half the price today’s Bluecoat pays.

New powder blue uniforms debuted in 1989. Click for larger resolution.

But a scroll through the 1989 “blue pages” (read them yourself!) shows a very different organization.  No full time director, an instructional staff that is easily a third of the size of today’s staff and corps full of volunteer parents.  While those volunteers are key to today’s corps, the touring schedule in 1989 was more conducive to part time drum corps organizations.  The first half of the season was spent touring regionally, for the Bluecoats in 1989 that was Drum Corps Midwest (no longer around).  The second half of the season picked up the wider travel across the country en-route to DCI Championships, which rotated every two years to a new location.  1989 was originally intended to be in Montreal, Canada, but in the winter was returned to Kansas City, Missouri.

In 1989 Bluecoats would wander southeast after Drum Corps Midwest and take in a few Drum Corps East shows (also no longer around) before beginning the DCI touring schedule en-route to Kansas City, which would see the corps jump from 11th to 8th place, sporting a new sound (brass arranged by Jay Dawson, percussion by Robb Muller), new drill design (Bret Mascaro) and a new look with baby blue tops and white pants.

Monday Memory is an on-going series that starts off the week with a little history behind the Bluecoats on our website and social media outlets

Bluecoats & Marching Health Announce Health & Wellness Partnership

Marching Health Will Produce Pre-Season Warm-up Program On The “BluecoatStrong” Platform, Provide AT Interns, Consult

With participant health & wellness at the center of Bluecoats’ focus in 2019, we’re excited to announce that Marching Health will join our roster of sponsors and partners. At the center of this partnership, Marching Health is leading our 2019 participants through its flagship preseason conditioning program “The Ultimate Drum Corps Workout.” This 12-week program, done through the corps’ BluecoatStrong program, is geared toward improving visual performance and preventing early season injuries.

BluecoatStrong began in 2015 as a pre-season workout and visual assignments program administered through Facebook Groups,” said Mike Scott, CEO of Bluecoats. “We’re excited to amplify this programming with the amazing work of Dr. Elliot Cleveland and Marching Health.”

In addition to the preseason BluecoatStrong workout programming, Marching Health will provide Athletic Trainer interns for the corps at Spring Training and as needed on tour. Dr. Elliot Cleveland, physical therapist and the founder of Marching Health, will also serve on the Bluecoats Health & Wellness team in an advisory role.

“After spending time with the Bluecoats organization this past summer, it was apparent that our organizations share similar values,” said Dr. Cleveland. “We both place member health in the drum corps experience as top priorities. We also are both innovators, and want to continually influence growth within the drum corps activity. Marching Health could not be more excited to partner with the Bluecoats for the 2019 season.”

The Marching Health team began programming on BluecoatStrong last week. Bluecoats plans to announce its entire 2019 Health & Wellness team in March.

Bluecoats Indoor at Indianapolis Regional

Bluecoats Indoor made its 2019 WGI premiere this Saturday and Sunday at the WGI Indianapolis Regional! We scored an 82.200 in finals at our first regional of the season.

We had a regular rehearsal on Friday followed by shortened rehearsals on Saturday and Sunday to accommodate for our prelims and finals performances. A huge thank you to Elliot Babchick who sponsored the cast’s Saturday pre-show meal and Danielle Schweiger who sponsored the cast’s Sunday pre-show meal! We’re always thankful for the support to help us #FeedBloo! You can sponsor a meal here to help Bluecoats provide the cast with meals on show days!

Next weekend our entire design team will be back at rehearsal as we continue to work on and explore ideas within our 2019 program! Following that, on March 2 and 3, we’ll be at the Atlanta Regional

DCI Championships in Indianapolis Hotel and Banquet Information

You’re invited to the 2019 Bluecoats Banquet! Come celebrate what will be an incredible Bluecoats season on Sunday, August 11 at the JW Marriott Indianapolis. The banquet begins at 12:00pm with a brunch buffet, followed by the awards presentation and 2019 Age Out Speeches. The event ends at 3:00pm. All members, staff, alumni, volunteers, family, and friends are welcome to attend as we celebrate 2019 and look forward to another great year in 2020. *Early bird ticket price is $60, through July 1 only. After July 1, ticket price increases to $75. 2019 members and staff do NOT need to buy tickets to attend.*

Hotel Information:  To book a room in our block at the JW Marriott or the adjacent SpringHill Suites please GO HERE.  If you would like to place your reservation over the phone, call 317-262-8191 (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm eastern time) and give them the access code 19BLUECOATS.