2009 Bluecoats Hall of Fame Member

Carol “Aunt Buff” Newton became involved with the Bluecoats in 1993 when a friend’s son marched in the corps. He marched one year with the Bluecoats, but she remained with the corps for the next 13 years as an avid volunteer. From airport runs to helping at Bluecoats bingo to managing the food service programs for days and weeks at a time, Aunt Buff did whatever was needed of her during the winter camps and much of the summer tour for thirteen seasons. She and her husband Carl also housed international students for months at a time, making participation in the Bluecoats an affordable opportunity for them.

Sadly, Aunt Buff passed away in 2005 on the day of Pro Football Hall of Fame Drum Corps Competition. Today, the Bluecoats present an annual “Volunteer of the Year” award in her name.