1993 Bluecoats Hall of Fame Member

Terry marched in the Bluecoats drum line from 1977 through his age out year of 1980. At that point, he continued his involvement as a member of the drum staff in 1981 and 1982. When the corps re-formed in 1984, Terry was selected as a member of the corps’ board of directors. In this capacity, he carried out the show coordinator responsibilities for the Bluecoats sponsored Innovations in Brass competition and later the Pro Football Hall of Fame Drum Corps Competition. In this position he established a ticket sales data base and a bulk mailing which generated advanced ticket sales for both competitions. He occasionally helped out as a bus driver when needed.
He retired from the Bluecoats in 2006 but closely follows their success at local contest sites and via the internet. He and wife Natalie live in North Canton and spend the majority of their time following the college, high school and golf careers of their sons Garret and Trevor.