Program Information

Bluecoats Indoor is a new performing arts program competing as a WGI Winterguard for the 2018 WGI competitive season.  Bluecoats Indoor will apply the Bluecoats Organization’s unique and innovative design philosophy in an indoor performance setting.

Creative Staff:

Instructional Staff:

  • Rosie Queen, Advisor
  • Kathy Pearson, Instructor
  • Edmer Lazaro, Instructor
  • Leanne Hlavka, Instructor
  • Ashley Gonzalez, Instructor
  • Megan Handel, Instructor
  • Samia Mooney, Instructor
  • Cara Unger, Instructor
  • Austin Katona, Instructor

Rehearsal Information

THE BLUE WAY Bluecoats Indoor Audition Experience Camp will be held the weekend of:

September 22-24, 2017

By attending THE BLUE WAY Bluecoats Indoor Audition Experience Camp, you will not only audition for the guard’s upcoming season, you will have the opportunity to experience and learn the skills necessary to perform at the highest levels of the winter guard activity in a clinic setting.  This camp is open to performers of all ages and skill levels.

Upcoming Events