Program Information

Rhythm IN BLUE (RIB) is a unique musical and visual ensemble comprised of alumni performing in Canton and the surrounding Northeast Ohio region.  Formed in 2014, RIB seeks to renew the thrill of performing and the camaraderie of the corps experience.  Participants are able to choose their level of involvement either being part of the Legacy Arc, which performs at the Bluecoats home DCI shows each summer, Rhythm IN BLUE – Curbside, which performs locally as a smaller ensemble throughout the calendar year or Rhythm IN BLUE – SoundSport that combines more of the drum corps experience in a condensed show that offers movement and staging.

To Participate

Rhythm IN BLUE Legacy Arc and SoundSport is presently limited to alumni of the Bluecoats and its affiliated programs:

  • past marching member of the Bluecoats
  • past instructor of the Bluecoats
  • past volunteer of the Bluecoats
  • past member of the Bluecoats Pageantry Ensemble (1981), the indoor drumline of the same name in 2001 or Artistry IN  BLUE (2009 to present)

Rhythm IN BLUE Curbside is open to anyone in the Northeast Ohio Region with corps experience who wants to keep playing on a part-time basis.

Please complete this form if you are fit one of these categories and wish to participate with RIB!

How to reach us

web graphic 2016 JRhythm IN BLUE performs primarily in Northeast Ohio. If you have an event that  you would like us to play for, please contactus at rhythminblue at (replace “at” with with details about the event  (when, where, what, etc.).

  • Legacy Arc has performed: 
    • Autumn Leaves (1987, 1988, 1998)
    • Battle Hymn of the Republic (2015)
    • Bridge over Troubled Waters (1976)
    • Bridge over Troubled Boxer (Bridge: 1976, The Boxer: 2008)
    • Caravan (1990, 2005)
    • Kansas City (1989)
    • #oldisthenewbloo (Percussion Street Beat)
    • One Day I’ll Fly Away (2004)
    • Things Ain’t Necessarily So (1994) / My Funny Valentine (1996)
  • Curbside’s repertoire includes Bluecoat legacy material and trending charts
    • Autumn Leaves (1987, 1988, 1998)
    • Bari on My Wayward Son (non-corps, Baritone feature)
    • Chameleon (non-corps, Trumpet feature)
    • Creep (2011)
    • Hey, Soul Sister (2011)
    • I Want You (non-corps)
    • mello-bariI’ll Have a Bloo Christmas (specially arranged for holiday performances)
    • Happy (non-corps)
    • Rocky (non-corps)
    • Stars & Stripes Forever (long-standing parade tune)
    • Uptown Funk (non-corps)
    • We Are the Champions (a non-corps “wink” to 2016)
  • SoundSport’s repertoire for 2017 will be determined soon
    • That Old Bloo Fanfare (1988)
    • Autumn Leaves (1987)
    • Kansas City (1989)

Current Staff

  • Jay Wise, Director (contact)
  • Legacy Arc Artistic Director: Kimberly Schillaci-Wise
    • Brass Caption Head: Charles Vidourek
    • Color Guard Caption Head: Nancy Johnson
    • Percussion co-Caption Heads: Brian Meyer
  • SoundSport Staff
    • Visual Design: Andrew Whitman
    • Color Guard Design: Melinda Miller

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