Guard Instructor

Aylin Vural  currently lives in Akron, OH and is the Guard Director and Designer at Kent State University, as well as choreographer for various high schools in Texas, Ohio and Maryland.  She also studies Massage Therapy at Northcoast Medical Training Academy.

Through the years Aylin has gained varied experiences in dance, solo vocal, instrumental and colorguard performance and instruction.  Her Drum Corps International career started in 2011 with The Glassmen and was followed by 5 consecutive years with the Phantom Regiment – serving as colorguard captain for both the 2015 and 2016 seasons.

This past summer (2017), Aylin toured with the Oregon Crusaders as a choreographer and visual staff member.  After 5 years as a dancer and visual performer for Matrix Performing Arts, this year marks her 1st year on staff with Matrix.  Equipped with a unique career within the pageantry arts, Aylin is enthusiastic about her contribution this season.