Programs Manager
Christopher Drake is active in the marching arts in a variety of capacities – from his full-time employment at Bluecoats, to announcing Winter Guard International, Bands of America, and local circuits in Indiana, Chris’ commitment to the activity is strong.
At Bluecoats, Christopher began his work as an Administrative Intern during the 2016 summer tour. Following that summer he was hired as a Tour Administrator focusing on housing and travel logistics for the corps. After working with the organization to manage it’s first ever world-class winterguard Bluecoats Indoor, Chris was hired full time as a Programs Manager. There, he now ensures that all Bluecoats programming is operated at the highest of standards. Outside of the marching arts, Chris works as a registered Pharmacy Technician and is currently studying Political Science with a focus in Communications at Northern Kentucky University. Christopher an avid fan of the West Wing and a regular patron of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.