Audio Engineer

Colten Hyten began his career in DCI in 2014 as a performing member of Music City Drum Corps. Residing in Nashville, Colten marched snare drum with the corps for two seasons before joining the corps as an audio engineer in 2016, and engineer and audio designer in 2017. He was also involved with Music City Mystique for their 2017 production, performing the sound design and managing all audio equipment as a performer.

Colten is an active audio consultant and sound designer for marching bands in Middle Tennessee, working with groups including Macon County High School, Father Ryan High School, and Vanderbilt University. He also holds the position as the head of audio and electronics for the fine arts department and all band programs at Station Camp High School in Gallatin, Tennessee. Colten works mostly in live audio as a front of house, monitor, or broadcast engineer for a variety of large acts and shows around the Nashville area.

At Bluecoats, Colten is responsible for implementing the complex audio systems for both the drum corps and winter guard. He’s also one of a rotating crew of engineers who operate the board during performances.