Scott has a long history with the Bluecoats, dating back to 1981 season, when he began his involvement as a marching member. After a season as a member of the snare line (1981) and two seasons as Drum Major (1984-5), he joined the staff as a marching instructor and later served as tour coordinator, bus driver, and in a number of support positions within the organization. Along the way, Scott got his parents, Ted and Linda Swaldo, involved, and they managed the organization from 1984-1994 when the Bluecoats were propelled into national recognition. In 2001, Scott relocated back to Canton and had the honor of serving as a member of the Board of Directors. In 2007, Scott became Board President, a position he holds today.

Scott began his professional career as a Physical Therapist working in Columbus, OH for 10 years. He relocated back to Canton in 2001 to join the family business, ASC Industries, a world leader in water pump manufacturing. Scott now is the General Manager of the Family’s newest venture, Gervasi Vineyard, a destination resort winery located in Canton. Scott and his partner Jeff Hicks enjoy living and working in Canton while continuing to support the Bluecoats!