Director Emeritus

In 1984, Ted took over the Bluecoats as Executive Director, a volunteer position he held until his retirement in 1994. During his tenure, Ted’s management abilities, and enthusiasm became the catalyst, which not only propelled the Bluecoats into national recognition as a competitive unit, but also as a role model for other youth organizations throughout the country.

The Drum Corps activity recognized his contribution, and twice elected him as Drum Corps Midwest’s “Director of the Year”. Furthermore, his peers honored Ted by electing him to two terms as Chairman of the Board for Drum Corps International.

Although he retired as Executive Director in 1994, Ted has continually remained active with the Bluecoats having served as business manager, board member, and now Director Emeritus. Ted recently retired from his “real job” as President of ASC Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of automotive parts. He has been honored locally for his work on numerous civic projects, and was selected for the “Distinguished Service Award” by Tri-State University.

Ted and his wife Linda were elected to the Bluecoats Hall of Fame in 1992.