There are many ways to support the Bluecoats through a generous donation to the organization!


In order to fund major projects and capital items needed for successful operation of our world class organization, we’ve successfully relied on the crowd sourcing service CrowdRise.  Stay tuned for our next CrowdRise campaign!

Bluecoats March-a-thon

Each June members of the Bluecoats raise money by participating in our annual march-a-thon fundraiser.  Contribute today to support your favorite Bluecoat!

Meal Sponsorship

Donate $150 (breakfast or snack) or $350 (lunch or dinner) to sponsor a meal for the Bluecoats members, staff and support team while on tour or at a winter rehearsal camp.  Donate today and we will recognize your contribution via social media.

Club Blue

CLUB BLUE allows you – our alumni, parents, volunteers and fans – the unique opportunity to join an exclusive group of people dedicated to actively supporting and contributing to The Bluecoats Drum & Bugle Corps. Your contribution will be in direct support of our general operations fund, which helps pay for everyday expenditures.

Scholarship Funds

Donate to one of our scholarship funds to directly support a member of the Bluecoats in need of assistance with their member fees.  We have a scholarship fund for every section of the corps, and a special scholarship supporting students from historically black colleges and universities.

Fuel Fund

Fuel costs continue to rise every day, and every facet of our program relies on fuel to function.  Your contribution will go to directly toward paying for fuel for our busses, trucks and all vehicles needed to get the Bluecoats down the road.