Volunteer with the Bluecoats

The Bluecoats need your help! In order to maintain our tradition of excellence, the Bluecoats depend heavily on the support of volunteers. Every year, dozens of parents, alumni, and other community members help make the Bluecoats’ success possible by donating their time and expertise to the organization in various ways. Many volunteers travel with the corps for days or weeks at a time and have the opportunity to experience drum corps first hand and attend competitions free of charge. Others help out while we’re near their home area, or stop by for a day while traveling on their own. Whatever way can help, your assistance is crucial to our success.

This summer, we’re looking for help in the following areas:

  • Chuck Truck Crew: The Bluecoats provide four meals per day for approximately 180 members, staff, drivers, and volunteers. All food is prepared on our mobile foodservice vehicle, the “chuck truck”. A crew of 3-5 volunteers (or more!) at a time is needed to adequately staff the chuck truck. No cooking experience or expertise is required.
  • Medical Professional: Are you a nurse, doctor, or other medical professional? If so, we need your help in dealing with the minor injuries and illnesses that members experience during tour. Nurses and doctors who can travel with us on the road for a few days or more are a great help, but we’re also looking for professionals willing to provide services to students when we’re in their home area.
  • Sewing Crew: Our uniforms require alterations, mending, and (of course) washing throughout the season. We need 1-2 people on tour at a time to keep our uniforms in top shape for performances.
  • Merchandise Sales: Everywhere the Bluecoats travel, our souvenir vehicle travels with us, selling Bluecoats merchandise to fans and supporters. The corps needs at least 2 people on the road at a time to drive the vehicle from site to site and sell souvies at every show.
  • Help us while we’re near your hometown: Take us to the grocery store, help with doctor runs, or give the touring kitchen volunteers a break! A few hours of your time can make a huge difference when we’re visiting your area.

To find out more about each of these positions, check out the Bluecoats Volunteer Handbook. Inside, you’ll find detailed descriptions of each volunteer position, information about what to expect if you join us on tour, and answers to frequently asked questions about volunteering with the corps.

For even more information, or to let us know how YOU can help this summer, please contact Bluecoats Operations Director Genevieve Geisler.  The Bluecoats can’t do it without you!