We’re Hiring! – QStix Game Day Stage Manager

Bluecoats is hiring a stage manager to oversee the game day logistics of the QStix, the official percussion ensemble of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team. The QStix is a cooperative effort between Bluecoats and the Cleveland Cavaliers. This position will be a paid independent contractor of Bluecoats.

We’re looking for an energetic, pragmatic go-getter who is comfortable working in a fast-paced and high stakes production environment. Experience as a performer in a drumline, marching band, or pro-sports entertainment ensemble is a plus. This person will have the challenge of keeping communication between Bluecoats, the QStix managing performer, the Cavaliers entertainment and production staff concise and clear. This person will be both a support to the performers and a manager – ensuring the ensemble follows the game-day schedule and always appears for fans exactly where they’re scheduled to appear.

A more detailed job description can be found here. To apply, email Mike Scott at mscott@bluecoats.com with a cover letter in the body of your email and an attached PDF resume.