March, 2018

Dear fellow Alum,

Larry Hershman and I are excited to share our involvement with the 50th Anniversary Alumni Corps in 2022. We desire to put together an amazing anniversary show that will be uniquely Bluecoats and of the World Class quality, the organization has become known for.  

We will be tapping more familiar names to arrange and instruct the Alumni Corps as we get closer to 2022, but for now, we are looking squarely at you to ask a simple question: are you ready to commit to joining us in this exciting production?  Are you ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is going to drive drum corps fans to their feet just as when you marched?

If  you are ready, we are asking of you to commit to the following:

  • Two rehearsal weekends during Winter and Spring of 2022

  • A one-week “tour” where you will live the drum corps life as you knew it all over again: locker room showers, meals out of a chuck truck, and sleeping bags & gym floors.  This tour will begin Saturday the weekend prior to DCI finals.

  • Memorize about 15 minutes of music and to march several minutes of drill.

  • A financial commitment of at least $500, of which half will be due two years prior to the 2022 anniversary season.

  • A drive to be the best you can be in a short window of time.  Rehearsals will be productive and focused, much like your days in the corps, sprinkled with social events befitting our grand celebrations that season.

We hope to offer you in exchange:

  • The traditional Friday Night “encore” performance slot for alumni corps at the 2022 DCI Semifinals.

  • Performances in Canton at the beginning of the One Week Tour.

  • The Encore performance at the SoundSport International Music & Food Fest the morning of DCI Finals.

  • During your One Week Tour: housing, like when you marched, (or opt at your own expense to stay in a hotel) and “chuck truck” meals.

  • The entire musical show, ready for you to put your work in at home, one year prior to the Anniversary season.

  • An option to keep the commemorative uniform you will wear.

If you have the excitement and drive to bring the house down and be Bloo’d one more time in front of big crowds, complete the linked form below to officially join us in preparation for the 50th Alumni Corps.  We are ready to “take the field” one more time. How about you? Register here!


Ted Swaldo, Larry Hershman

PS - Members were always the best recruiters! Now it’s your turn to share this letter with those you marched with who share the desire to take the field one more time!  Forward this e-mail or share this link so they can view and register to join us too.