Bluecoats Hall of Fame

Nominees for the Bluecoats Hall of Fame must come from the pool of participating members, staff members, board members, contributors or volunteers whose long history of outstanding contributions and dedication is worthy of the very highest level of recognition by the organization’s board of directors. (View the Hall of Fame inductees and biographies)

Bloo Ribbon Bluecoat (new in 2018)

The Bloo Ribbon Bluecoat is a newly formed group of individuals nominated for recognition as outstanding former performing members of the Bluecoats or any of our affiliated programs (Bluecoats Indoor WG, Artistry IN BLUE, Rhythm IN BLUE).  These individuals must have performed in one of our programs for at least two seasons, finished their performing career as a member of one of our programs, and exemplify the highest standard of excellence as a Bluecoat performer, both on and off the field and/or floor.  (Past award recipients)

Bluecoats Unsung Hero (new in 2018)

The Bluecoats Unsung Hero are those individuals associated with the Bluecoats organization that are vital to it’s operations in an important behind the scenes role.  Whether they served as a staff member, volunteer, driver, sewer, donor or in any other key support role, nominees for this group of outstanding individuals have perhaps not yet contributed at the distinguished level necessary to be enshrined in the Bluecoats Hall of Fame, but are nonetheless very worthy of recognition.  (Past award recipients)

Nomination Process

Any individual may only nominate one person per year for each of the categories – Bluecoats Hall Of Fame, Bloo Ribbon Bluecoats, or Bluecoats Unsung Heros.  However, the same individual may send in up to two submissions of support per year for other nominees.  This means that any one individual may only send in a total three submissions per year to be recognized by the nomination committee.  Letters of support are encouraged for nominations to the Hall of Fame and can be e-mailed directly to hof[@] (please remove “[” and “]” after copying the email address).

All Nomination are due by April 1st of each year.  All nominations received after April 1st will be held for the following year’s nomination process. If more than one nomination is received for a nominee the subsequent nominations will be considered to be a (form) submission of support for that nominee.  The nomination committee will recognize up to 4 additional submissions of support.  If more than four submissions of support are received for a nominee, the individual making the original nomination may decide which submission of support will be recognized.

If a nominee is not selected for recogniton, they can be re-nominated for consideration the following year.  There is no required annual limit to the number of nominees enshrined each year.

Once the nominations are received, the nomination committee will review each one and make sure the nominees have met all necessary criteria.  If any further clarification is needed, a member of the nomination committee will follow up with the author of the nomination.  Nominations are then forwarded to members of the Bluecoats board of directors for review.

At the April meeting of the Bluecoats Board of Directors the chairperson of the nomination committee will give a brief overview of each nominee.  Any questions or comments will be heard at that time.  Nominees are officially selected for recognition by an 80% vote of the Board of Directors.  Enshrinement ceremonies will be held at an official Bluecoats event selected by the Board of Directors.

Follow this NOMINATION FORM link between January and April.

Note: Bluecoats Board of Directors reserves the right to alter this process at any time.