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#FeedBloo – Sponsor A Meal

Believe it or not, we provide 800 hot meals every single day while the Bluecoats are on tour. It’s quite a feat of logistics – purchasing ingredients from suppliers all over the United States, safely storing and preparing everything, and serving the meal on a 43-foot commercial kitchen trailer. Don’t forget the bus we bring along to keep our incredible volunteers comfortable!

Foodservice on tour is no easy task – but it’s the most crucial service we provide to the more than 200 students, staff, and volunteers on the road with us. YOU can help us on this immense undertaking by sponsoring a meal! The #FeedBloo campaign allows you to directly fund a meal on the Bluecoats Food Truck. 100% of your gift will go towards the meal. As a thank you, your name will be posted on the schedule board for that day and posted on all of our social media channels. We want the world to know that YOU #FeedBloo!

During the winter, you can continue to #FeedBloo by helping to provide hot meals for our Bluecoats Indoor performers and staff before every performance. This newer ensemble of Bluecoats has been making a big impact in the Indoor community. A donation using the form below will directly fund a meal for Bluecoats Indoor. As a thank you, your name and photos of some thankful performers will be posted on all of our social media channels. We want the world to know that YOU #FeedBloo, and not just during the summer!



Fuel Fund

Each summer the Bluecoats Drum & Bugle Corps travels more than 12,000 miles sending more than 200 students, educators, and support staff around the United States on the experience of a lifetime. Ten commercial vehicles hauling many thousands of pounds of luggage, food, and equipment make the trek. Needless to say, fuel is a major cost of doing business. You can help by sponsoring our fuel purchases one dollar at a time!




Fund a Scholarship

The cost of participation in many of our programs can be expensive for some students. To help make membership in the drum corps and world-class winterguard, Bluecoats and many of our alumni and supporters have started scholarship funds. Most scholarships are open to donations from anyone who would like to help fund them. Learn more and make a tax-deductible contribution here!


Fund A Scholarship


Planned Giving, Major Gifts, and The Bluecoats Endowment Fund

Making an online, cash, or in-kind donation to Bluecoats is a great way to support our programs, but it’s not the only way! You can impact the future of Bluecoats in a very big way when you make arrangements to support Bluecoats in other ways. We encourage supporters to consider Bluecoats in your estate planning. We also accept stock transfers and other forms of investments. Many of these types of gifts have tax advantages including the capital gains tax.

Your gift can be especially long lasting when you direct it to be invested in the Bluecoats Endowment Fund. This fund ensures that your gift leaves a lasting legacy. Only the investment gains of the account will be touched by Bluecoats, while your gift will remain in principle for years to come.

With questions, or to make a large gift or stock transfer please reach out to Mike Scott at


The Bluecoats Endowment Fund