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It’s a bittersweet time, for sure. Your marching days are now behind you but your ALUMNI days are ahead of you! While you leave behind a team of 160, you are joining a group of over 2,000.

Consider how many different ways you can remain involved with the organization!

  • Are you signed up to participate in the 2022 50th Anniversary Alumni Corps? You can do so here!

  • If you want a casual opportunity to still play old Bloo music, consider being a part of Rhythm IN BLUE. Check out the group here and you can complete an interest form linked on the page. Participation levels vary based on your location and time commitment.

  • You can sign up to get quarterly e-mails from the Alumni here and consider signing up for text alerts for these news drops at that same location after you submit the form.

  • If you want to continue financially supporting the organization, you can join the Shield with an on-going donation (for a little or a lot!), or join together with other age-outs and plan a meal and #feedbloo next year at some point.

  • When next summer rolls around, you might be able to head back out on tour… just on the flip side as a volunteer.

But most of all, my darling, before those Autumn Leaves start to fall, stay engaged with other alums through our alumni Social Media platforms

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