Protecting The Future Of Bluecoats


At Bluecoats, we’re committed to making a lasting impact. For more than forty-five years we have brought world-class performing arts education programs, first to the young men and women of Canton, Ohio, and now to students all over the world.

One symbol has remained our calling card for decades – the emblem of the police shield.

Now you can join a community of our most committed donors, and protect the future of Bluecoats under that same symbol. Your membership is invested for a lifetime, and you become a VIP with access to the content our most ardent supporters deserve.



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The Shield is about more than a drum corps. It’s about a mission, launched by the Canton Police Boys’ Club, dedicated to the growth of young people. That mission has held the icon of a police shield as it’s calling card since even before Bluecoats was founded in 1972.

Today that shield comes to the protection of Bluecoats in the form of a monthly giving community. Donations are made each month via credit card and directly fund the programs that keep the mission alive today. As a member of The Shield, you are a VIP at the heart of our mission. You will have exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content, putting you in direct contact with the programs that you support. We’re even throwing VIP receptions at all of our drum corps shows! 

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It all started with a shield. A group of five men, all associated with the Canton Police Boys Club, started a drum and bugle corps. Shortly it would become “The Bluecoats,” named in honor of the uniform of those Canton police. The logo of the Boys’ Club? A shield of course!

That shield icon has stuck with us. We see it today as the logo of Bluecoats – an organization rooted in this history, bringing thousands of aspiring musicians the very best in performing arts education. Now The Shield becomes more than a logo. It takes the form of a community: supporters excited about this history and dedicated to securing our future.



The Shield is more than a fundraiser. Our goal is to make a caring and engaged community. One that is passionate about our future, and eager to be in on the action. Members of The Shield will regularly receive behind-the-scenes content and in-depth coverage of the programs their membership supports. They will be invited to an exclusive Facebook group that includes pre-season show videos.

There are also discounts at the Bluecoats Marketplace, club and suite ticket options, VIP parking, a badge to wear at Bluecoats events, and much more. We’re committed to making membership in The Shield an amazing experience for you – our most ardent supporters. To learn more about membership in The Shield – visit our FAQ page

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Like joining your local public radio station, The Shield is a monthly sustaining membership. By making an initial donation on the form above, you’ll be automatically enrolled. Bluecoats will charge your credit card each month. Bluecoats is a 501(c)3 non-profit and your membership in The Shield is tax-deductible.


In order to ensure that The Shield Community supports Bluecoats for generations to come, 50% of your donation will be automatically invested into the new Bluecoats Endowment Fund. This investment ensures that your membership directly supports the programs of Bluecoats for a lifetime! Learn more about the Bluecoats Endowment here.


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