• Scott Swaldo, President

  • Derrick Mergen, Vice President

  • Dan Kloha, CPA, Treasurer

  • JoAnna James, Secretary

  • Mike Scott, CEO, ex officio

  • Genevieve Geisler, CFO/COO, ex officio


  • Christopher Groves, Director

  • Victoria Riley, Director

  • Kayleigh Kriss, Director

  • Randal Lamb, Director

  • Irene Mergen, Director

  • Roger Walker, Director

  • Karen Miller, Director

  • Matthew Onest, Director

  • Larry Rebillot, Director

  • Thomas Scheck, Director

  • Brad Bennett, Director

  • Ted Swaldo, Director Emeritus




The Alumni Council at Bluecoats is comprised of alumni who bring their historical Bluecoats experience and leadership in their professional community to an advisory role within the organization. The Alumni Council represents the alumni community as a whole and helps to ensure a connection between our current programming and our history.

  • Jay Wise, Chairperson

  • Nancy Johnson, 1980s Representative

  • Ryan Shepard, 1990s Representative

  • Jen Siak, 2000s Representative

  • Nam Chau, 2010s Representative

  • Chris Groves, BOD Representative

  • Larry Rebillot, BOD Representative

  • Scott Stouffer, At Large Representative

  • Graham Hopkins, At Large Representative

  • Nicole Oliva, At Large Representative

  • Kelli Carlson, At Large Representative

  • Anthony Mallard, At Large Representative

  • Kristen Eck, At Large Representative

  • Kevin Stahl, At Large Representative




The 2022 Alumni Corps Steering Committee is a panel assembled of historical staff and alumni of the Bluecoats with the mission of executing an alumni corps that will make the Bluecoats and drum corps communities proud, and will operate in a world-class way, mirroring the life-changing experience given to current members of the Bluecoats Drum & Bugle Corps.

  • Ted Swaldo, Chair, Past Director (Bluecoats Hall of Fame)

  • Larry Hershman, past Program Coordinator (Bluecoats Hall of Fame)

  • Bill Hamilton, former marching member, staff, current Corps Manager, past Director (Bluecoats Hall of Fame)

  • David Glasgow, former marching member, past Director (Bluecoats Hall of Fame)

  • Mike Scott, former marching member, current Bluecoats CEO

  • Jay Wise, former marching member, staff (instructional & admin), volunteer, (Bluecoats Hall of Fame)

  • Lane Armey, former marching member, Percussion instructor

  • Jenn Johnson Renaud, former marching member, Color Guard instructor