Presenting the 2018 Bloo Ribbon Bluecoat, Unsung Hero Awards

The Board of Directors of Bluecoats, a youth performing arts organization based in Canton, Ohio, is pleased to announce the recipients of two new recognition awards that were started this year. The Bloo Ribbon Bluecoat Award is for recognition of outstanding former performing members of the Bluecoats or any of our affiliated programs (Bluecoats Indoor WG, Artistry IN BLUE, Rhythm IN BLUE).  These individuals must have performed in one of our programs for at least two seasons, finished their performing career as a member of one of our programs, and exemplify the highest standard of excellence as a Bluecoat performer, both on and off the field and/or floor. Receiving the award for 2018 are Christian Alcantara, Kevin Armbruster, Brian Baumbauer and Charles Stewart.

Christian Alcantara is a proud alum of the Bluecoats drum corps and a cast member of the inaugural season (2018) of the Bluecoats Indoor Winter Guard.  He was the 2013 Bluecoats color guard “Rookie of the Year.”  Christian is one of a very few Drum Corps International and Winter Guard International participants to reside in Hawaii.  He has taught several guard programs in Hawaii including the Millilani High School guard.  Christian moved the 5,000 miles from Hawaii to Indianapolis in order to march with Bluecoats Indoor and helped the group reach the WGI World Class finals in 2018.

Kevin Armbruster joined the Bluecoats at its inception in 1972.  He played mellophone and soprano bugle during his 7 years as a member.  In 1982 he served as a brass instructor and became the brass caption head in 1983.  He served in this position for several years including 1987 when the corps attained DCI Finalist status for the first time. Kevin has continued to support the Bluecoats as an arranger with the alumni group Rhythm In Blue and has been a participant in the annual “History Night” during spring training.

Brian Bambauer was with the Bluecoats from 1988-1996 as a member, drum major, and visual caption head.  In 1997 he became the visual caption head for Carolina Crown and was their drill designer in 1998-2000.  With Crown Brian became the first finalist drill writer who was an alumnus of the Bluecoats.  Brian became Operations Director with Crown and serves on their Board of Directors and Advisory Council.  He is now a well respected principal in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in North Carolina.

Charles Stewart became a member of the Bluecoats in 1993 playing contrabass. And was selected as the “Rookie of the Year.”  The following two years Charles served as the drum major and won numerous “Best Drum Major” awards at various DCI events in ’94 and ’95.  After his age-out year he became an instructor on the brass staff. Charles continues to serve the corps as the manager of the annual “Blue Way Experience” that allows students to spend a weekend with the Bluecoats instructors and members.  He is the band director at Jeffersontown High School in Louisville, KY.

The Bluecoats Unsung Hero Award is for individuals associated with the Bluecoats organization that are vital to its operations in important behind the scenes roles such as a staff member, volunteer, driver, costume and equipment care, donor or in other key support roles. Selected for the 2018 award are Anthony Mallard and Bill Roubanes.

Anthony “Duck” Mallard is an alum of the corps.  For many years he has devoted countless hours to assisting with the Bluecoats bingo games, working on the food truck, driving and performing with the alumni group Rhythm In Blue.

Bill Roubanes is also an alum of the Bluecoats.  In the 1980s he often helped the corps as a driver and volunteer where needed.  Since the formation of Rhythm In Blue in 2014 he has performed in every event the group has taken part in.  He has also provided the group with a rehearsal facility.

Bluecoats Executive Director David Glasgow praised all of the recipients of the awards.  “To be a successful organization requires the help of many outstanding individuals.  I am pleased that we have added the Bloo Ribbon and Unsung Hero awards to our recognition program and congratulate these first-year recipients.”