A Busy Weekend For Bluecoats: DCI Annual Meetings, Health & Wellness & Bluecoats Indoor!

Bluecoats Logo Last weekend was busy for Bluecoats, as our staff, executive team, designers, and even Bluecoats Indoor gathered in Indianapolis for a weekend of fun, rehearsals, and great conversation. The Bluecoats executive team, caption heads, designers, and members of the board of directors came together for the 2019 DCI Annual Meetings and Instructors Summit. Dubbed “Here’s To Our Health,” the summit was an opportunity to discuss the state of our activity, learn more about DCI’s efforts to make drum corps safer, and vote on important changes to our rules and policies.

Bluecoats has two members on the Rules and Systems Task Force (RSTF) of DCI, Bluecoats Artistic Director & Visual Designer Jon Vanderkolff and Bluecoats Brass Supervisor Dave MacKinnon. This DCI committee was instrumental in guiding conversation on the modification of field judge procedure and other competitive elements proposed at the meeting. Following a weekend full of incredible conversation across the activity, the DCI Voting Membership voted to approve the instructors’ recommendations for field judge and prop rule changes.

Also at the “Janual,” as it’s called, Bluecoats CEO Mike Scott and CFO/COO Genevieve Geisler attended the New Directors Orientation where new directors and administrators from across the DCI Community learned more about DCI governance, who’s who in the DCI office, and more. That wasn’t all for Genevieve though as over the weekend she also met with the IN STEP: Women of DCI initiative that she chairs. The IN STEP committee sponsored a presentation about hiring diverse teams and complying with the Equal Opportunity Employment Act. You can see the interview Genevieve did with the new DCI News here! Additionally, this weekend Bluecoats Executive Advisor David Glasgow was re-elected to the DCI Board of Directors where he will continue to offer his business expertise and insight as an affiliated board member.

Another integral part of the DCI Annual Meetings is the DCI Board Consortium where members of the boards of directors of all corps join together for a week of discussion of best practices and how the drum corps activity can move forward. Bluecoats was represented by four members of our board including Board President Scott Swaldo.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, the design team met to discuss summer 2019! Additionally, Bluecoats Indoor was rehearsing nearby and was hard at work on their 2019 winter program. We had some major set developments and the members had a hair and makeup workshop. Bluecoats Indoor 2019 debuts in just four weeks and embarks on its second-ever year!

Wow! What a busy weekend! Bluecoats is so grateful to have such amazing support that makes it possible to have weekends like these!