Monday Memory: Innovations IN BRASS through the years

june 19 1974 first IIB ad.jpg

This past weekend the Bluecoats hosted Innovations IN BRASS at the same location where the first show began in 1974. Hoover High School provided a lively stage for a drum corps show. As one of DCI’s longest running sponsored shows, Innovations has had a unique history.

In 1979 the corps hosted the show but did not perform, as the corps had gone inactive for the season. A few members dressed in uniform and collected donations at the show. The program spot for the Bluecoats was stark: an empty field.

But the corps rebounded and Innovations IN BRASS marched on. But in 1994 the show took on an entirely avant garde feel, moving indoors to the Canton Civic Center. No, not because of rain but because Star of Indiana had left the DCI activity to explore new ground with their Brass Theater innovation. It would become the Tony winning Blast on Broadway (and two current Bluecoat design staffers would participate in the development).

In 1995 and 1996 the Bluecoats again tinkered with the traditional drum corps show and hosted a FREE show. In 1995 the Bluecoats performed along with the United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps and Silent Drill Team , the Hall of Fame Mens Chorus and the John Trapani Big Band from Canton. The show packed the stands of Fawcett Stadium no different than a typical drum corps show. In 1996 the corps brought in the Colts from Dubuque, Iowa and again provided a free show for the area.

The corps returned to a competitive drum corps show event in 1997 and over the past decade has provided one of the early tour stops for the drum corps community.

Monday Memory is an on-going series that starts off the week with a little history behind the Bluecoats on our website and social media outlets.