Bluecoats partner with Pageantry Innovations

The Bluecoats are excited to announce a new partnership with Pageantry Innovations (PI), the industry leading manufacturer of top quality transportation and organization systems for musical instruments, audio equipment, and more. Pageantry Innovations products are sleek, discreet and built to last. In 2016, the Bluecoats will utilize a series of PI's SC-10 and SC-30 speaker carts, all equipped with rapid angle adjustability. In addition, each cart will feature CM-10 cable managers to help organize the hundreds of feet of cabling required for the corps’ program. The corps’ electronic instruments will be housed and transported in two Stealth Series KC-30 enclosed synth carts, and the mixing console will ride in a customized Stealth Series MC-20 double mixer cart. The Bluecoats’ auxiliary percussion equipment will utilize an AR-20 extended concert rack, an AR-30 mini-field rack, CC-10 crash cymbal cradles and a drum set cart with a revolutionary easy-up, easy-down, kick drum lifter system.

Bluecoats Executive Director David Glasgow is thrilled to partner with Pageantry Innovations. “We continue to be amazed with PI’s fine work in the industry. Their products are unmatched in quality and durability, and they find a solution to every unique challenge we throw their way! In addition, it’s great to partner with another Northeast Ohio-based company."

Andy Wozniak, PI’s Account Manager, is also looking forward to this new relationship. "We are beyond excited to partner with the Bluecoats. They have set new standards for the marching activity and we are excited to be right there with them!"

Pageantry Innovations, founded by Kyle Mattevi, is based in historic New Philadelphia, Ohio. PI is committed to making the highest quality, hand crafted products possible. The design team and manufacturing crew are relentless in their pursuit of excellence, bringing the best solutions to performance programs around the world. With gear ranging from synth carts, mixer carts, and auxiliary percussion racks & accessories to custom props, PI is "framing the arts" one program at a time. For more information, contact the Pageantry Innovations sales team at