Bluecoats Indoor 2019 World Premiere!


Bluecoats Indoor made its 2019 world premiere on Saturday, February 10 in Zionsville, Indiana to stands full of spectators cheering us on. The IHSCGA was proud to have us performing at Zionsville High School and we were excited to be there sharing our 2019 program “The Gravity of Reality.” At this first show of the season Bluecoats Indoor scored a 76.70. The team met Friday evening for regular rehearsal time and then again on Saturday morning for rehearsal before the performance. Following the Saturday morning rehearsal, Bluecoats provided a meal for the cast so they could fuel up while getting themselves ready to perform. You can help us provide these meals by sponsoring a show day meal and helping to #feedbloo! On Sunday we returned to our regular rehearsal schedule, working on our 2019 program.

Thomas Thawley, returning member and one of this season’s captains was surrounded by many groups he is currently teaching or has taught in the past at the show. He said, “Our first performance was such a great experience. In my opinion, one of the greatest audiences around can be found at an IHSCGA show. It was wonderful getting the opportunity to perform for so many friends, students, and former students. Looking forward for the rest of the season!”

Don’t forget to catch us next weekend at the WGI Indianapolis regional!