Bluecoats Indoor at WGI World Championships

Bluecoats Indoor at WGI World Championships

On April 3, Bluecoats Indoor kicked off WGI week with one final rehearsal in Noblesville, Indiana. After the rehearsal, performers and staff drove to Dayton, Ohio for this year’s Color Guard World Championships!

Bluecoats Indoor started prelims day with a dance class at the Salsa City dance studio before heading to Hobart Arena for the rest of rehearsal. Performers then returned to their hotel to get ready for the show and eat a Bluecoats meal sponsored by Rida Asim’s mom, Tehniyet Hussain! Huge thank you to her and everyone else who sponsored a meal and helped to #FeedBloo throughout the season! We couldn’t have done this without you!

After getting ready for the show, performers headed over to the University of Dayton for their first performance of the week at 8:40 pm on Thursday! The next morning Bluecoats Indoor woke up and did it all again, taking the floor for semis at 3:30 pm on Friday. Thank you to Shenendehowa HS, Phoenix Independent, and Stoneman Douglas Color Guard who helped us get on and off the floor during finals week!

Bluecoats Indoor in Cincinnati for WGI Mideast


On the weekend Bluecoats Indoor performed in Cincinnati, Ohio at the WGI Mid East Power Regional! Our final score on Sunday was a 91.400. This was the last regional weekend before World Championships which takes place in Dayton, Ohio on April 4th to 6th. Bluecoats Indoor performers and staff met in Indianapolis for a Friday night rehearsal followed by a Saturday morning rehearsal. Patti and David Sutherlin kept us fueled by sponsoring a delicious post-rehearsal lunch. If you want to help #FeedBloo during the final stretch of the season you can do so here! Thank you to everyone who’s sponsored a meal during the season so far!

After rehearsal, we drove to Cincinnati for our first performance of the weekend. HUGE thank you to the Northview High School dads who helped us unload all of our set pieces on Saturday and again on Sunday. Another thank you to Northview High School and Allegiance Color Guard members who helped us get on and off the floor for both performances. We’re grateful for all this support and help from our friends in other winter guards!

Next weekend is the last weekend of our season before World Championships! We’ll be having rehearsals throughout the weekend and you can also see “The Gravity of Reality” in Fairborn, Ohio at MEPA Championships on Saturday!

Bluecoats Indoor at WGI Atlanta Regional

Photo Courtesy of Sydney Williams.

Photo Courtesy of Sydney Williams.

Bluecoats Indoor traveled all the way to Atlanta to perform at the WGI Atlanta Regional this Saturday and Sunday. Our final score on Sunday was an 86.300.

Performers met on Friday evening in Indianapolis to board Bluecoats busses driving down to Atlanta. Saturday morning we gathered for breakfast at Carlton J. Kell High School before beginning our rehearsal. After rehearsal, the performers ate a Bluecoats provided lunch while they got ready for prelims. We then headed to McEachern High School for our first performance of the weekend where we were greeted by stands full of cheering audiences and even some “blooing” - a welcome the Bluecoats Drum Corps often receives.

Sunday we had a quick, but productive rehearsal at Campbell High School followed by a delicious meal sponsored by Cynthia Shega! Our speakers and set pieces were then covered with tarps to prepare for the rain that would come as we got into the performance gym for finals. Special thank you to Kennesaw Mountain HS, East Lincoln HS, and Georgia State for helping us get on and off the floor throughout the weekend and especially during the rainstorm on Sunday.

Before we began our bus ride back home we gathered for our fried chicken dinner sponsored by Charlie Cullen! If you’d like to help #FeedBloo you can sponsor a meal here to provide the cast with show days meals!

Next weekend will be a regular rehearsal weekend for Bluecoats Indoor as we continue to work on our 2019 program, but you can catch “The Gravity of Reality” next at the Brownsburg Community State Preview on March 15.

Bluecoats Indoor at Indianapolis Regional

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Bluecoats Indoor made its 2019 WGI premiere this Saturday and Sunday at the WGI Indianapolis Regional! We scored an 82.200 in finals at our first regional of the season. We had a regular rehearsal on Friday followed by shortened rehearsals on Saturday and Sunday to accommodate for our prelims and finals performances. A huge thank you to Elliot Babchick who sponsored the cast’s Saturday pre-show meal and Danielle Schweiger who sponsored the cast’s Sunday pre-show meal! We’re always thankful for the support to help us #FeedBloo! You can sponsor a meal here to help Bluecoats provide the cast with meals on show days!

Next weekend our entire design team will be back at rehearsal as we continue to work on and explore ideas within our 2019 program! Following that, on March 2 and 3, we’ll be at the Atlanta Regional

Bluecoats Indoor 2019 World Premiere!


Bluecoats Indoor made its 2019 world premiere on Saturday, February 10 in Zionsville, Indiana to stands full of spectators cheering us on. The IHSCGA was proud to have us performing at Zionsville High School and we were excited to be there sharing our 2019 program “The Gravity of Reality.” At this first show of the season Bluecoats Indoor scored a 76.70. The team met Friday evening for regular rehearsal time and then again on Saturday morning for rehearsal before the performance. Following the Saturday morning rehearsal, Bluecoats provided a meal for the cast so they could fuel up while getting themselves ready to perform. You can help us provide these meals by sponsoring a show day meal and helping to #feedbloo! On Sunday we returned to our regular rehearsal schedule, working on our 2019 program.

Thomas Thawley, returning member and one of this season’s captains was surrounded by many groups he is currently teaching or has taught in the past at the show. He said, “Our first performance was such a great experience. In my opinion, one of the greatest audiences around can be found at an IHSCGA show. It was wonderful getting the opportunity to perform for so many friends, students, and former students. Looking forward for the rest of the season!”

Don’t forget to catch us next weekend at the WGI Indianapolis regional!