Bluecoats Indoor at Indianapolis Regional

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Bluecoats Indoor made its 2019 WGI premiere this Saturday and Sunday at the WGI Indianapolis Regional! We scored an 82.200 in finals at our first regional of the season. We had a regular rehearsal on Friday followed by shortened rehearsals on Saturday and Sunday to accommodate for our prelims and finals performances. A huge thank you to Elliot Babchick who sponsored the cast’s Saturday pre-show meal and Danielle Schweiger who sponsored the cast’s Sunday pre-show meal! We’re always thankful for the support to help us #FeedBloo! You can sponsor a meal here to help Bluecoats provide the cast with meals on show days!

Next weekend our entire design team will be back at rehearsal as we continue to work on and explore ideas within our 2019 program! Following that, on March 2 and 3, we’ll be at the Atlanta Regional