Foodservice Manager

Bluecoats, Inc. is seeking to hire a contractor from mid-June to early August to manage the tour foodservice operations for the Bluecoats Drum & Bugle Corps.

This individual will manage a team of between three and seven volunteers, as well as the Assistant Foodservice Manager. A qualified candidate will have experience managing a commercial kitchen, be energetic and empathetic, and ready for the rigors of serving 900 meals per day on a 10,000 mile summer tour.

Commercial Driver - Merchandise Box Truck & Trailer

Contractor - Touring

Bluecoats, Inc. is seeking to hire a contractor from mid-June to early August to drive the Bluecoats Drum & Bugle Corps merchandise rig and serve as a swing commercial driver for our tractor trailers, staff sleeper coaches, or both.

Candidates will be familiar with the rigors of a drum corps tour, will have a CDL A and/or B, and may have Passenger Endorsement. These drivers are available full time from the start of the 2020 Bluecoats summer tour until the end of the season at the DCI World Championships, ending August 9th.

We’re particularly excited to hire a driver that has a love of drum corps and the Bluecoats, cannot wait to drive all night and sleep all day, and eat from our food truck! Four hot meals provided every day!


  • Safely operate a + 10,000 lb GVWR rig composed of a retro-fit ambulance (air brakes) and a large enclosed trailer (with load stabilizing hitch)

  • Travel more than 10,000 miles of tour, plus approximately 4,000 miles between housing sites and show venues.

  • Comfortable maintaining a nocturnal schedule, driving all night, sleeping during the day, then awaking in time to travel to the Bluecoats’ show venue in the late-afternoon/evening.

  • Working comfortably with a team of 10+ drivers as well as the Bluecoats operations team and the Bluecoats merchandising team.

  • Be willing and able to drive a semi trailer and/or bus in the fleet as a swing driver (utilized in the event of long-haul trips, certain hours-of-service scenarios, and in case of a driver leaving tour for any reason.)


  • Valid CDL A or CDL B license with no suspensions or derogatory marks

  • Submission of all required new hire documents to be maintained in your Bluecoats USDOT driver file.

  • Submit required new-hire drug test and authorize membership in the Bluecoats drug test consortium

  • Demonstrate understanding of driving schedule and particulars of a drum corps tour

  • Complete required background check and participant safety agreement.


  • Love of drum corps

  • Passenger endorsement (CDL A or B)



Bluecoats is a non-profit performing arts education organization that operates programming for thousands of young aspiring musicians including the Bluecoats Drum & Bugle Corps, Bluecoats Indoor, Artistry IN BLUE, and THE BLUE WAY educational events. Bluecoats is a 501(c)3 organization headquartered in Canton, OH.